First place for my bowling squad after week six

I knew we’d been doing well after a slow start this season.

Cici’s Pizza was rolling along OK in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green. Our squad of five was making the most of our handicap pins through the first six weeks on the cozy 12 lanes in North Syracuse, N.Y.

But still I was sort of flabbergasted when I grabbed the stat sheet before we started this past week.

No need to bow.

No need to bow.

There we sat at the top of the standings. I guess that one game we tied to split the two points stood us well, because we sat that one point ahead of the second-place squad, A.R.E. Truck Caps.

I savored the sight. This is the latest in the year for us to rise so high in the standings. It took a sweep the week before in position night to get there.

Alas, we will not be at the top when we gather for a make-up session this morning.

One win for us, the green check.

One win for us, the green check.

The Lite Crew took us two out of three games and total pins, for five of the seven points up for grabs.

On a personal note, I felt good and loose on lanes one and two, notching my second 200 game of the and highest series season. The way I figure it, I raised my average from 157 to 160. I ended last season percentage points under 163. My goal is to surpass that. Twenty-three weeks to get there.

Have you been on a first-place team in any sport, and if so, what and when? How long did your team’s first-place run last? Have you ever tied in any sports endeavor, and if so, did it feel good, bad or indifferent?

37 thoughts on “First place for my bowling squad after week six

  1. I love that you have something regular to look forward to during the week, Mark! So many of us get busy and don’t do this–and we really should. You made me chuckle with the first place bit–I was reminded of the mother/daughter bowling tournament in grade school. My mother had back issues and couldn’t go so my sis filled in–we took first place the other moms were upset b/c she was so much younger. They said she had an unfair advantage:). Be careful out there–it can be a blood sport, if they’re any indication!


  2. no, i’ve been a part of a first-place team, but congrats to you. i love how you were surprised, like a candidate that’s suddenly risen to the top. or when michigan state won the game at the last second against their rivals )


  3. Congratulations!!!! I’m taking it, unlike golf, the higher the score you have in bowling the better off you are. I used to take First Place in breaststroke when I swam – which was totally cool. Only sports team I have really been associated with where we did pretty well.


  4. That is quite a feat to sit in first place of a 12 team league with the fewest total pins! Keep the dream alive! The standings look pretty tight top to bottom, which make your league a hell of a lot more interesting than any bowling league I’ve been in recently!

    Despite getting only 3 of 7 points this past Friday, my team should still sit alone in first next week since the team we were tied with got annihilated and swept by one of the cellar dwellers who bowled out of their heads. I got to take in that bloodbath as well since they were matched up on the pair next to us…


    • It’s always a week to ponder when you take 3 of 7, Bill, because you think why did you bowl good enough that one game to take the total pins and bad enough those two games to lose. Oh, the mind warp of bowling. That’s why we love leagues so much. Ours is so tight this year. Sweep or get swept and you can riise or plummet three-fourths of the league. That’s something, indeed. Dizzying.


  5. Nice job, Mark. We don’t go as often as we once did…too bad. Sorry about “edging out” the Terps yesterday. If not for the long pass….Your guys showed so much energy out there. โ˜บ


  6. Well done Mark! Personal improvement and team first place – awesome! I’m not a big sports guy so I’m afraid I can’t contribute to the conversation except to say : Well Done.


    • I need to get another good series this morning, Lisa. It’s easiest to raise your average earliy in the season, before you’ve got a lot of games in. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, get out there on the lanes with your hubby and have some fun.


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