Next breed up in the Ellie B guessing game: Korean Jindo

As I take our beloved rescue pooch Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle on our walks exploring the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood around the Little Bitty, folks love to stop us to admire.

The dog, not me.

What is that thing?

What is that thing?

And soon after a pat and a sniff (of the dog, not me) they’re sure to ask about her breed.

It’s easy enough to offer my first guess. She does have a lot of German Shepherd in her.

Gotta love our mutt.

Gotta love our mutt.

Yet since we brought her home after spotting her as a pup at the Humane Society of Rome’s compound at the Paws for Cause event four years ago, my dear wife Karen and I have always thought there’s more to her than that. Because she’s a rescue, we’re left guessing the other that runs through her veins.

Recently Karen spotted a photo on Facebook of a Korean Jindo.

It's all relative.

It’s all relative.

The cute Korean Jindo had a smile on her face that reminded Karen of Elli B. So she Googled. And came away from the photos and descriptions of the breed convinced that Ellie B is indeed part Korean Jindo.

Our Ellie B checks off many of these boxes.

Our Ellie B checks off many of these boxes.

Unwavering loyalty. Well, yeah, once she got used to us.

Need for a fence six-foot high. We did replace ours because of her ability to dig under the old one.

Aversion to water. It took much coaxing to get her in the Cape Cod lake, and three years before she’d go out deep enough to discover her inner doggie paddle. Baths, she hates. I have to push get her to go out in the rain.

So there we have it. Our Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle is a Shepherd-Jindo mix. Until the next discovery comes along, anyway.

Left behind at the pet store by Elisabeth. Wow.

Left behind at the pet store by Elisabeth. Wow.

Meanwhile on the dog front, my wonderful daughter Elisabeth texted me a photo of herself playing with a Corgi pup at an area pet store she and terrific boyfriend George Three visited after our recent brunch. Elisabeth thinks they need a second dog at George’s parents house. He’s not so sure. To be continued.

What’s your favorite breed of dog, and why? Who’s your favorite pet, and why? What do you see in Ellie B, and why?


39 thoughts on “Next breed up in the Ellie B guessing game: Korean Jindo

  1. I don’t have a favorite breed. I think mixes are often the best. Our daughter and son-in-law’s dog is part Vizla and something else. Golden something. I think my son-in-law had a dog DNA test done. He’s my favorite dog right now.
    We have two cats, and one of them is my special baby. He follows me around the house, up and down the stairs, and he sleeps cuddled up against me. He’s also a bit crazy. 🙂


  2. I personally tend to enjoy smaller canine, we grew up with cocker spaniels. Once the 3rd one died and went to doggie heaven my parents decided 5 children-3 canines-enough was enough-LOL. We have a cat (I should say I have a cat-adopted at 8 weeks-pink nose, gray/white loveable, and loves my attention. hides in master bedroom our home, gets noisy-you know). He is now 4 and still plays like a kitten!. Because of the intense heat in Florida -fleas can become a nightmare especially with dogs. Not cold enough to kill them. Tyler (my kitty) had them once by a visiting neighbors canine-I about lost my ever-loving mind. Off to the Vet and $150 later he was back virtually flea-less. No dog in my home because of that. I love all animals but I have to be realistic at the same time. That’s all folks…The Gatorette.


  3. That is interesting about the Jindo Mark- neat qualities. I’ve actually never had a favorite pet -I like them all. I’ve only ever had dogs, cats, and fish. I do not like yappy little dogs. Little is fine, it is the yappy that bothers me. I guess my closest pet was a cat called Sissy who was with us from about my age of 8 to 24 = about 16 years. The last 5 or so Sissy lived with my Mum. She used to follow me around and sleep with her head on the pillow beside me.


  4. Until recently, Cordelia fostered rescue dogs in her home (can no longer do fosters since she’s returned to the 9-5 grind). Last year, they had a purebred Korean Jindo that a vet had brought back from Korea, only to discover that the dog couldn’t get along with is toddlers. The Jindo was a great dog – very smart, alert and active. It took him awhile to adjust to strangers, but once he did he was all over you. Elie does look like she might have Jindo in her along with the Shepherd.

    If it drives you crazy, you can always order a DNA test for less than $100. I’m think about doing that for Cody – I know Cody has German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, but I’m wonder what other breeds are I the mix that are making her act the way she does sometimes.


  5. Ellie B certainly looks like a Jindo. She is a beautiful dog!!! My favorite breeds are Great Danes – they are neurotic and lazy (so we get along superbly). When my last Great Dane died, my husband insisted we get a Golden Retriever and a Great Dane at the same time. This was really one of his more brilliant ideas – they balance each other (the dogs). My boys are trying to talk us into getting a 3rd dog – they want a Tibetan Mastiff – my husband is balking at this idea, we are still working on him. We think we should get one and then dress him in Ancient Chinese Armor – with one of those pokey armor hats (just kidding).


  6. I don’t have a favorite breed. The Mister and I have always had mixes, and they seem as suited to us as we are to them. I kinda think dogs just want to be understood, and sometimes breed gets in the way.
    As a little girl, I had Staffordshire terriers, which people think are horrifying beasts, but um, ours were wonderful. Many a hairband twisted on their tails, much riding and pulling and tying them to my tricycle, sharing foods, trying to get them to play on my swingset with me. I mean, they were just dogs! lol I do recall that my mother was afraid they’d eat the box turtles come up from the flood, but they were not vicious.
    Ellie B has great expressions.
    Personally, I like a good watchdog. While I want a companion for walks and naps and all that, I really appreciate the watchdog in Sadie 😀


    • I like dogs with good personality. I thnk you’ve described that in the dogs of your life, Joey. I wrote a post about mine last year titled My Three Dogs. Ellie B fits in. And, like Sadie, she’s a darn good watchdog. 🙂 That was important when I was working night concerts and Karen was home alone.

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  7. I never knew much about little dogs before Max the Maltese joined us. I’ll admit I always thought them to be frou-frou creatures, yapsters and high maintenance toys. Then I learned that they are masters at mind control and….all hail the mighty Maltese dogs rulers of the universe and….arghhh……must give treat now….


  8. We have a rescue dog, too – took us a little while to determine he is a black-mouth cur. The best dog I ever had was a Newfoundland golden retriever mix – beautiful, smart, loyal, & obedient!! I sure miss him!!


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