Reds, oranges and blue sky and water in the Adirondacks

On our hour-plus drive northeast of Syracuse to attend the Forest Hollow open house, last weekend, I noticed to my right a giant reservoir. And the rolling body of water followed us all the way to Cathy and Bruce Thomas’ house.

I commented to my dear wife Karen how low the water looked.

So, after we’d shopped their art, me scoring for my wife birthday presents of a pair of earrings and a plate made by Cathy and Bruce, respectively, Karen asked if we could check out that same water behind their spread.

Peaceful path, yes.

Peaceful path, yes.

Between the trees and down the path. Can’t miss it, Cathy said.

Yes, so much to see down that beaten path.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on the bottom right photo of any gallery for an enlarged slide show.

I found the autumn reds and oranges in the foliage that I’ve been missing around the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood. I savored the sights, and even the smells.

The water level really did look low here, too.

Karen and I mentioned it upon our return to the house. Bruce explained that the depth is man-made. Officials had drained the reservoir, directing the water to the barge canal. Bruce said they did this in the spring, with no prior warning. He woke up one morning, walked the quarter-mile or so to the water, and had to keep walking. He said he never got the chance to put his kayak in once this year. Since hearing complaints, the officials announced that from now on, they’ll give folks in the area warning before they divert the water elsewhere. Better than nothing, I guess.

If you’ve noticed low bodies of water this year, where did you see them and what do you think caused it? Have you noticed bright foliage yet this year, and if so, where? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

72 thoughts on “Reds, oranges and blue sky and water in the Adirondacks

  1. Rain is in our forecast bro Mark, but since we need it so much, it won’t be a lot. What was supposed to be a big storm a few nights ago was more like someone overturning a bucket on top of my building. It was enough to jar our air raid si–fire alarm into blaring out all over town though. My joints say it will rain, but my brain cell tells me if we get rain it will be in the morning while I’m on my way out of the building, and it will stop as soon as I am on the bus.
    I took what will probably be the last good photos of the color this afternoon, and some trees are losing it all while others are still showing mostly green. I love your photos, and some will be decorating my walls, and possible used as decoupage background for other items I’m making for my apartment. For at least a year, this will be my color scheme, until I can afford or want to change to a different season or color.


  2. Our grass is dying and the dry leaves are free falling off the trees. Leaping to an early death due to the moderate drought we are going through. I can’t remember any fall color burst. We are five inches below on rainfall, so I’m afraid it isn’t making for a picturesque backdrop. What we get in October and November is typically what we get in April and May, so it’s concerning. Your photos are excellent.

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  3. So many beautiful colours and fabulous shots there Mark. Loving all the contrasts. Its all gone a bit grey over here, and next week we alter the clock so it will be dark by 5 o’clock, it will be nice to get a chance to say a last farewell to this year’s summer before then.


  4. Oh, so beautiful! Love this post, Mark! There’s nothing like those oranges and yellows against a blue sky!
    Our bodies of water flooded all summer. More than 15″ in June and more than 8 in July, and after that, I stopped counting. More than half the farmers in Indiana requested aid from the flood damage to crops, so no, our bodies of water are still high.


  5. Beautiful fall colours in your photos Mark. This summer they drained some water from a lake here to prepare for a possible flood. End result? The area suffered loss in camping/swimming/boating and other summer recreation. Man in all his wisdom is sometimes quite goofy, no?

    Glad you got your colour ‘fix’ Mark. ❤
    Diana xo


  6. The photos are stunning and the idea of taking a walk really was a fantastic idea. You caught beauty and fresh air before heading home, Mark. I am like Marissa, focused on artistry in earrings and the plate, too. 🙂


  7. I think I like the “I found my red” photo the best. I have been going on and on this summer about bodies of water being low. The reservoir right before the Pacheco Pass (that’s the pass one has to take to get to Monterey and Carmel) is scary low. We have had a little bit of rain and we are all watching the weather reports for chances of rain and holding our breaths in hopes that it will indeed rain. Please El Nino – unleash your fury upon us. Of course if it does then we will all be complaining of mudslides and flash floods, but at this point I don’t think we will complain too hard.


  8. I don’t know if it has to do with my age but I find this year’s colors particularly phenomenal! I notice every single tree and leaf and take it all in. Just getting in the car to go to the grocery store there are rows and rows of eye candy. We will be enjoying this weekend for sure!


  9. Such pretty blues! Not much foliage change here, but surely dried up riverbeds. All the rain must have hit the Carolinas this year. Those pics are the kind that make you want to take deep breaths and write grand American poetry. If that’s what you’re into.

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  10. Mark, there must be something wrong with me. All this beauty and I really can’t help but yearn to see those earrings you got for your wife. I think only Madonna could be proud of this materialism. Anyway, the way you captured the sun by the lake is quite lovely.

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  11. How could I choose a favorite? I do love the one with the question: “which is brighter, the sky or the water?” something of a paradox… I really enjoy walking down the path and finding such wonderful destination. I guess I’d choose the one of the red tree, if I had to choose. That lone tree had to fight its way through and above the brush…it deserves to be a featured photo. 🙂


  12. Beautiful photos Mark. I especially like the one in the first panel, upper right corner with the tall orange tree and water to the right. I just checked out the rainfall statistics and we are well below average this year here in Ottawa. Last year we had 65 mm in October and we have had only 24 mm so far this year – that’s 2.4 cm which is 1 inch. If this continues we will be far drier this month as well.

    Our foliage has finally changed yet it went from green direct to darker browns and skipped the bright reds and oranges.

    Great photos Mark.


    • That’s how the trees have gone for the most part around the Little Bitty, Paul, green to yellow and brown with a smattering of brightness here and there and some still holding onto summer. That”s why I was so thrilled to see this up north. Thank you for your kind comments regarding the photos.

      And we’ve had some good rain the past few days. I hope you get it in Ottawa!


  13. This time of year the intense blue sky is especially dramatic against the developing foliage, and any palette reflected in still water is magnified — especially for those of us living in Upstate New York and New England. For me, though, some of the fondest memories come from moments of slate-gray clouds behind the foliage, especially if a beam of sunlight blazes through to set the color alight.


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