Light it up for the Mets, Big Apple

Talking baseball with my bowling teammate Randy in the middle of the New York Mets’ game five tussle against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night, my astute fellow sports fan mentioned that all the teams left this postseason claim blue as their primary color. And the Mets add red, said the native Syracuse guy.

Well, no, I corrected. The Mets’ colors are proudly blue and orange.

I was back home in the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood to cheer and celebrate the Mets’ win with my dear wife Karen.

Yesterday, the day of rest before they start the NLCS series in Citi Field against the Chicago Cubs, I did some online reading.

The skyline sings from me Mets.

The skyline sings from me Mets.

The powers that be flipped a switch for a stunning sight in Manhattan, I saw while reading the ESPN site.

The Empire State Building looks quite good in blue and orange, I say.

I’ll be watching game one tonight, Matt Harvey Day, vs. the Cubbies. The Windy City resurgent darlings took all seven games against the Mets this season. Alas, Chicago gang: All those games were played before the trading deadline, on which we altered out lineup with some key acquisitions. Yeonis Cespedes could have a thing or two to determine this seven-game series, and I’m glad to have veteran Kelly Johnson ready in the pinch as well. (Too bad that Juan Uribe is out again with that painful chest muscle injury.)

Nice work, Kansas City Royals, taking game one over the Toronto Blue Jays with a whitewash last night. Flying in the face of my Syracuse Chiefs’ former affiliation with the team north of the border and all those years I got to see big-time baby Blue Jays spread their Triple-A wings live here, I’m rooting for a Mets-Royals battle, so I can match wits with a blogging friend who’s all in for Kansas City.

Hear me, Michelle at Lipstick and Laundry? (I know, gang, I’m asking for it there.)

Here’s the link where I found out about that colorful Tweet above.

Who are you rooting for in the baseball playoffs, and why? What are your favorite team colors? What cool things may you have seen as a tribute to your squad?

34 thoughts on “Light it up for the Mets, Big Apple

  1. i caught the end of the mets game, you must have been happy. i was otherwise occupied by the traumatic ending of a big rivalry college game in my city yesterday. ) p.s. i have to confess that i’m rooting for the cubs as i want them to finally overcome their curse –


    • I could not believe the ending of the big state rivalry, Beth. What can I say other than HOLY CRAP! So sorry for you and your Wolverine brethren. That’s no way to lose to Sparty. Oy.

      I am so happy about the Mets, yes, but tempered with the realization that this ain’t the Cubbies of my youth. What a good team they have. It’s going to be quite the tussle, I believe.


  2. The Cubs fans are usually talked about in the opposite way, that we are nuts to stay loyal in bad times as well as good, or as a few headlines said to the effect of , “Why are the Cubs fans so loyal to losers?” I love their sense of neighborhood, community and camaraderie.

    In our usual spirit of good sports, good luck New York!


  3. Sadly, the baseball teams have lost my focus, if yhe red, white and blue Indians aren’t in the playoffs. πŸ™‚ I am on my weekend visits and will go back aways. Hope you still put up with this, my old friend. πŸ™‚


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