Three-Day Quote Challenge: Frank Bascombe

Susanne Valenti tapped me on the shoulder yesterday for the Three-Day Quote Challenge.

She’s a new blogger on the WordPress block, and I liked what what I clicked over and saw. Why yes, and thank you, Susanne.

The last time around this quote game, I chose lyrics from a few of my favorite songs. To be different — surprise! — this time I’m going for quotes from the leading character from three of my favorite series of novels. Not just any pieces of good writing, mind you, but books that I’m placing together for this challenge because the main character is somebody that went through life changes at my age with which I most certainly could relate.

(Photo from Google Books)

(Photo from Google Books)

We’ll start with Richard Ford’s character Frank Bascombe. Bascombe first made his way into America’s culture in The Sportswriter, Ford’s breakout novel of 1986. I greedily devoured it, being a sports journalist and all that detailed.

I stayed faithful to Ford and his penchant for bringing Frank down roads similar to another serial literary favorite of mine, John Updike’s Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, as Ford followed Bascombe’s life arc in Independence Day and The Lay of the Land.

Frank lived a little, piece by piece and day by day and lesson by lesson on the shores of New Jersey, and learned a little, sometimes painfully and sometimes joyfully, too.

And so says Frank Bascombe in 2014’s book four, Let Me Be Frank With You,” this:

“In my view, we have only what we did yesterday, what we do today and what we might still do. Plus, whatever we think about all of that.”

Because I tagged folks last time around, for now I’ll simply invite anybody who wished to join in to consider yourself nominated. Have fun.

12 thoughts on “Three-Day Quote Challenge: Frank Bascombe

  1. I’m not familiar with him either, but then it could be because of the genre. Not exactly a sports fan now that my cuzzins have all retired from their faves. At any other time I would volunteer, but right now I can’t keep my thoughts straight enough to remember when I ate last, or even if I’ve slept in the past week or so. I do love that quote though. I have a feeling that trying to find it myself would be like old times, when John-boy quoted Thomas Wolfe on “The Walton’s”. I read two boring volumes, looking for something interesting, and couldn’t find it. 136 hours wasted on sheer boredom, when I could have spent the time with Dostoevsky or Tolstoy instead. It takes all kinds bro Mark, it just takes all kinds to make the world go round.


      • I’ll have to read them then bro Mark. I can handle one book about sports, as long as it doesn’t continue into a series. I do love that quote.


    • Thanks, Merril. Yes, Bascombe has been a favorite of mine for nearly 30 years now. Wow. Ford is not really that well known mainstream, but the man can write.

      Yes, this challenge has gone around so much this is my second whack at the pinata. 🙂

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