And the valley below

We could not let me dear wife Karen’e five-day Family Reunion in Estes Park go by without heading the rented SUV back up the mountain to that pull-off on Route 36 with the big rock sign and panoramic view.

Busy place up high.

Busy place up high.

Yet the two times we drove past the majestic point going back down toward the village did not prepare us for what we found at that little parking spot.

It was busy with vehicles pulling in and out, people jumping to and from, posers taking pictures on that magical stone.

Serious some, clowining others.

Serious some, clowining others.

I watched some folks standing seriously still, others clowning around in big groups.

And my dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth and boyfriend George Three and I made sure to take in the pure beauty of it all, too.

Tomorrow: Top of the world

Thursday: Thank you, blue cottage

Do you think you would pose in a serious manner, or free-form at “the rock” sign here, and why? Are your eyes drawn to the peaks or the valley? What photograph do you like best, and why?

57 thoughts on “And the valley below

  1. You’re lucky if none of the family are clowning around in a photo..mine never quite pulls that one off. But I love the funny shots. Beautiful scenery eclipses all, though. โ˜บ


  2. I like the mountain view in the first picture – taken from a distance with others on the rock. I also like the pic of Elizabeth and George III with the rock. That said, the pictures were all excellently done Mark – it is just my preference as an ocean-front born, flat-lander to see more mountains. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I would be standing there until nightfall waiting for everybody to go away… I like to take pics of signs so I can remember where I took the next batch of photos on the card… no need to be posing. Generally I like the peaks more than the valleys but it depends on how spectacular the scenery is…. it’s just good to be outdoors away from the city!


    • It was good to be anywhere around these parts, Ros, because it was so different than the terrain in Syracuse. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your patience always pays off in the photos at your place, I’d say.


  4. Little brother, I don’t even have to think about that one. I would be standing as still as a statue, or more probably, be lying as flat as a pancake and still as a statue. I do have serious issues with gravity, heights, fear of falling, fear of heights, fear of anything that looks like it might be an inch off the ground–flat ground, that is, very, very healthy fear considering I live on the 16th floor. At least I was NOT the one holding the chicken sign on the way up Pike’s Peak. There was one person more afraid than I was.


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