Photo 101: A gallery for Sammy

The weekend assignment for Photography 101 was to set up a gallery.

Friday night I shot plenty at the Syracuse Area Music Awards at the Palace Theatre. In fact, I had two previous years of iPhone photos from the Sammys stored in my iPad Air, too.

Sammys Gallery, here we come.

You can click any photo for the caption.

I cropped the photos for optimum perspective and varying shapes, following what we were taught in week one.

A Syracuse Area Music Award glossary to help explain the photographs:

In 2013, (top right; second row from bottom, left) I received a Sammys Founders Award for “outstanding service and special achievement.”

In 2014, (second row, right) Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, returned to his native Syracuse for the ceremony and sang with his friends in the Flashcubes, who were inducted into the Syracuse Hall of Fame; (second row, left bottom) the James Street scene was quieted while it was bustling inside; and (third row right) The Gunrunners take the Red Carpet photo treatment.

Friday night, (top left) Scars N Stripes looked sharp from the balcony; (second row top left) state Senator John DeFrancisco paired with Hall-of-Famer Joe Whiting to present the Best Jazz Award; and (bottom) Edgar Pagan of Grupo Pagan invited an all-star array of singers to mash-up with his group.

Does the gallery work for you, and why? Which photos please you the most, and why? Would you change any of the shapes?

42 thoughts on “Photo 101: A gallery for Sammy

  1. I like the Spongebob one because I like pictures that look bookended–people on the right and on the left, interest on both sides. Your khakis have an ethereal glow about them, a haze. You must have a fancy starch. πŸ™‚


  2. You do clean up nicely don’t you, Mr. B? What a nice award you received back in ’13 which no doubt must have been well deserved. I like how you arranged the gallery, it works nicely. Muy bueno! πŸ™‚


    • Gracias, mi amiga Mrs. B. I worked hard writing about the music communitty when I worked for the big daily, and it did my heart wonders to be recognized for that 21-year effort. And I was a good-looking devil. Now I’m thinner and even better. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Well done gallery. Once everyone at the event sees this your invitation to events will soar with the hope and expectation you will create a gallery of the event. Well done!


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