Red Carpet treatment at the Syracuse Area Music Awards

(Photo by Jack O Bocchino)

Karen and Mark Bialczak, on the Sammys’ red carpet. (Photo by Jack O Bocchino)

The organizers of Friday night’s Syracuse Area Music Awards made sure the guests felt welcome.

The lobby of The Palace Theatre in Syracuse included a red carpet staging area. They put a banner with the event’s sponsor logos on it, and pushed a big replica of the Sammys trophy on the side, too.

In other words, it looked just like the photos you see at national events from around the country.

Photographer Jack O Bocchino was stationed to snap the special moments.

It helped my dear wife Karen and I get our evening off to a bright start, before we headed into the theater for the ceremony.

If you read my post from early this morning, the ending was pretty darn exciting, too, with Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, joining his friends in Syracuse power pop band the Flashcubes celebrate their induction into the Sammys hall of fame for the last song of their very hot set.

Thanks to Sammys chair Liz Nowak for posting the picture on my Facebook page.

I counted 162 cool Red Carpet photos on Jack’s Facebook page.


24 thoughts on “Red Carpet treatment at the Syracuse Area Music Awards

  1. that my hometown recognizes it’s own..proud of my nephew winning best pop artist..proud of the flashcubes,jack lipton band..proud of what seems to be a very fertile music scene there..much love from the nw..


  2. this is so cool and must have been a great event. you guys look great, and you married a wonderful beauty, as you already know – ps – just heard our storm has ended and is headed your way – take cover!


  3. Very attractive wife and you look very proud and nice, too! Congratulations on the Sammy Award! I know you had a post with the picture of its place on a shelf and may have said, “Congrats” at that time, too! Smiles, Robin


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