Meet the Mets, Doc and Lenny, at the Chiefs game

When my terrific daughter Elisabeth texted me earlier this week with the simple question: “Do you want to tailgate at the Chiefs game this Saturday?” it took me two seconds to type back some combination of the word Yes and Saturday.

The night before, my dear wife Karen had flashed a Syracuse Chiefs Facebook promo in front of my very eyes for this very Saturday, and it featured the 1986 baseball cards of my New York Mets Dwight Gooden and Lenny Dykstra.

The star pitcher and center fielder from that team, the Metsies from the brash squad that won the World Series with that unlikely comeback against the Boston Red Sox, the last Metropolitans to sit on top of the baseball world, will be in our Syracuse, at NBT Bank Stadium, to meet and greet fans before the Triple A International League game pitting the Chiefs against the Buffalo Bison.

So yes, we will be meeting Elisabeth and George Three for some tailgating fun in the parking lot. And this is Father’s Day Weekend to boot. Bonus!

This Chiefs talk reminds me that the last time out at the ballpark, I caught from the luxury suite seating deck with my iPhone 6 some rather interesting shots of a helicopter taking off from center field before the game.

So, sharing:

Now playing center field for the Chiefs ...

Now playing center field for the Chiefs …

Click on any gallery photo for a description. Click and hold on the right photo for an enlarged slide show.

I was sure glad the thing got off the ground.

And fascinated as it picked up speed and climbed its way up into the gray sky.

Out into the night.

Out into the night.

Play ball!

What’s your favorite team, any sport, any year, and why? Who’s your favorite athlete you’ve met and spoken with, and please do share the circumstances. Have you ever riden in a helicopter, and if so, what was it like?

24 thoughts on “Meet the Mets, Doc and Lenny, at the Chiefs game

  1. I get motion sickness on planes and boats but if I knew I were going, I would take some meds and enjoy the helicopter ride. The cause was one which may have still found a few who will donate to. I think I remember 50% of what I see, hear or read. Glad there was Elisabeth and George include you and hope the game was fun. Happy Father’s Day, Mark!!


  2. how very cool! my fav memory was meeting a wing and it’s a blog, the more i think about it! stay tuned for a future story) also, met bill freehan, tigers’ catcher, when i was little. i asked him for an autograph and refused, i’ve never forgotten that (


  3. Gary Carter once used my pen to sign autographs for some fans after a Mets/Cards game I saw in 1989. I had to remind him to give me the pen back when he was done…

    At least he didn’t take off with my marker like Wilton Guerrero once did…


  4. Yeesh, the only sports I have a full grasp of are soccer and Formula 1. My guy friends in Latin have been attempting to enlighten me over the last two years as to how football and baseball work… I think I’ve got it to a degree. Well, I understand the foundation, at least. All the little details can be left to someone a little more sports-minded.
    As for the two I do like: Portugal and Ferrari have my ❤ and one day, I shall meet Fernando Alonso. I know I will


  5. Not really into sports. Like some basketball and hockey now and again, maybe because of where I live. Hard to say.
    Have ridden in a helicopter twice. I liked it. I’m always called weird, because I prefer smaller air vehicles. Helicopters are groovy if loud and lil prop planes relax me and put me to sleep. Flights on big commercial jets make me sick.


  6. Cincinnati Reds and I got to meet Hall of Famer Mary Brennamen whose not a player per say but he is in the hall of fame. I’ve never ridden in a helicopter but I have skydived does that count?


  7. Ahhh, taking a helicopter flight is on my bucket list. They are not cheap, but I find helicopters fascinating. What do you suppose the helicopter was doing on the playing field? Someone trying to avoid traffic? Your tail-gate party sounds like fun Mark. I’ve never been to one although I’ve seen them. Do you BBQ there too? If so, what?

    Have a great game!


    • The whirlybird was on the field as part of a program to raise awareness for the company and cause that sponsored the night, Paul. It didn’t work ALL that well, I guess, because I can’t remember what that was. Hey, at our NY State Fair, they have done short helicopter flights for a quite reasonable fee. I never have. I was always working, reviewing concerts at the fair, but I’d wave at the people in the birds as they rose and descended.

      We won’t barbecue on a grill for the six of us, Paul. Too much lugging and lighting and emptying. We’ll just bring a bunch of sandwiches and salads and cookes and good stuff!

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