Fancy that, a burst of bulbs

With sun and warmth and spring having claimed Syracuse this week, hurrah hurrah, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, and my dear wife Karen and I caught an interesting site up the block from the Little Bitty in our freshening city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Most colorful explosion so far.

Most colorful explosion so far.

The varied and beautiful fruits of the hard work of the neighbor who toils on her garden up our hill has started to burst forth, the best example of what’s to come on our block this scintillating season.

Lone ...

Lone …

... ly.

… ly.

Then came the front strips of lawn of the house above her. Those seeds adopted her work ethic while in her garden, most obviously, before taking their trip up our block to find their new home.

You gotta love nature in spring.

Are many signs of nature’s color coming forth in your neighborhood, and if so, what are the best displays so far? What plants that move on their own can you notice, and how far do they wander? Karen is nudging me for our annual trip to the Garden Center. If you’re up for one, when will you go and what’s on your radar?

69 thoughts on “Fancy that, a burst of bulbs

  1. A happy post! My New Hampshire sister was bemoaning recent light snow, but I don’t understand her fuss: Spring sign there is less black earth, and more black flies. I’ll take the bulbs, minus the bugs.


  2. I’m seeing little bitty bursts here and there Mark. And I just went on a hike today and found myself in swampy muck mostly. Not a color other than muck anywhere! But I know it’s on it’s way. πŸ™‚


      • Mark, I’m not surprised, but sad to say that it snowed here today. It was 14c/58f early in the day and by dinner time it was 3c/35f. You never know what you’re going to get here in Calgary, regardless of the season. πŸ™‚


  3. Yea! Spring is finally coming to your neck of the woods! In the meantime, here in Florida I already have vegetables growing! Glad to hear it Mark! ❀


  4. You just returned from a trip! It’s not time to nudge! In my world, the cars are blanketed in yellow pollen. People are staying inside due to burning/itchy eyes. Benadryl is making money hand over fist.


  5. Hi Mark! Spring is my favorite season- love everything about it. Definitely time to clean up the yard! We put in a large paver stone patio last year, and have empty beds surrounding it. I’ll see you at the garden center!


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