Big piles persist, and that’s no joke

Taking one last long lunchtime March walk Tuesday with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle through our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, we couldn’t help but notice how no matter how high the angle of the sun has become, those 119 inches that fell on our city since October have been just too much. And even though we’ve delighted in a few days in the 50s and 40s, the temperatures have dropped below freezing too many times, too.

Down on the corner, out in the street ...

Down on the corner, out in the street …

The plow guys had nowhere to push it since, oh, New Year’s Day. The corner of our street and the cross block was as good a place as any.

Play ball?

Play ball?

I don’t think this city worker in his parked truck is taking a lunch break from getting this softball/baseball field ready for the spring Little League seasons. Good luck with getting those started.

More like football season.

More like football season.

Come late August, the Eastwood Bears will be back out to being the Youth Football season. By then, this football field may be dried out.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle

Walk this way.

King of the Hill would make Ellie B quite happy, but I was not to be pulled up that slippery slope.

After completing the big loop and soaking up all the sights we could, though, I’d still have to give game, set and match to my next door neighbor.

America's snowbank.

America’s snowbank.

He decided to stake claim to the snowbank at the end of his driveway by planting an American flag. How proud we all are on our street. And we’re happy that forecasts call for highs of 61ΒΊ and 56ΒΊ F on Thursday and Friday.

What eyesores might you spy on walks around your neighborhood? Are the fields of play where you live seem to be in use by young people already? What clever moves have you seen in your neighbors’ yards?


49 thoughts on “Big piles persist, and that’s no joke

  1. AY, we have a lot of those ugly dirty snow banks here too. Muy feo! 😦 My Mr. B did spot some Spring buds in our garden though, finally! There is hope for all of us. πŸ™‚ That Ellie B looks quite royal there. πŸ™‚


  2. i love your neighbor’s flag statement and ellie looks proud and like she’s posing on her snowbank. no kids on the fields yet, but my class is sure loving the milder weather at recess, yesterday we took our coats off and everyone was ecstatic!


  3. It looks about the same here too Mark. I’m looking forward to the warm temps tomorrow. ha! The city truck parked in the corner reminds me of an old joke we used to tell when I was trucking. What’s back and yellow and sleeps two? A Newfoundland Department of Highways plow.

    Ellie looks like she is having a good time. Whenever I see a dog narrow it’s eyes like that, I’m sure they are reading the smells on the wind.

    Fun post Mark. Thank you


  4. You know, I often come upon writing prompts that ask you to write about things you see in your neighborhood on a daily basis, eyesores or no. I never found anything particularly unusual except for a spot where someone carved ‘drugs are great’ into the wet cement in the area behind my apartment building. I’ve often tried to write a blog about it but then it sounds like I’m either advocating drug use of saying ‘Okay kids, drugs are bad, m’kay?’


    • Interesting, Marissa. OK, here’s my altered prompt for you. Write a fiction story of 500 words of how that three-word phrase got carved in the wet cement and the reaction of the first person who saw it dried there. Ready, set, create …


    • We had that happen in our city neighborhood of Eastwood about three or four years ago, right at the start of James Street in the heart of things, about five blocks up from our street, Aud. The people on the closest streets really were angry. But I don’t think it hurt the traffic flow or the cosmetics of the area, too much, and I like Walgreens as far as big boxes go. I hope it’s not too bad for you down there.


  5. “…Willy and the Poorboys are playin’, Bring a nickel; tap your feet.” A nickel? What on earth can a nickel buy?? BTW, our neighborhood pools opens today–which would have been great last year when we only had 75 houses in our subdivision. They just finally built a pool after 8 yrs–but they also built 100 more houses this past fall. And the pool is the size of a garden tub. SO THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ANYONE!! Oh, well. At least there’s no slushy grey snow. πŸ™‚


  6. haha if you can’t beat it, own it? I love your neighbour’s attitude Mark! Thanks for showing me around the ‘hood and here’s hoping the sun will melt all that snow real soon. ❀
    Diana xo


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