Photo 101: Weekend of cropping and B&W

Our weekend assignments in Photo 101 advise us to look back, mull, dwell, take action.

This morning some thousand-plus runners in the Syracuse Half-Marathon ran through my Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, and I took a lot of photographs with my iPhone 6. Indeed, I posted a handful already today.

I think I’ll offer more, after consideration of composition, color, shape and cropping. I’ll call this my editing lesson.

Oh, yes, we also were instructed to use a different style gallery. That I will do, too. In a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now for my Post 3 of the Black & White Challenge thrown down by PriorHouse.

Black-and-white stands out for this runner.

Black-and-white stands out for this runner.

I think the black-and-white adds to the drama of this moment.

I now tag Wormy, from Love Marriage Worms. We met during Nano Poblano in November, and it’s been a strange and marvelous blogship since. Wormy has run marathons, by the way, so I thought this was particularly appropriate.

Do you agree with my crops on these running shots? What do you think about people who will run 13.1 miles in 17 F? How does the black-and-white shot look in comparison to the color photographs?

59 thoughts on “Photo 101: Weekend of cropping and B&W

  1. I would take running a half marathon in 17 degrees any day over running it in 95 degrees. Perfect time of year to run, if it’s not icy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the contrast in the color photos. Especially the “tube” shots.


  2. Artistically, black and while does capture the moment best. That’s why Alfred Hitchcock used that technique in “Psycho.” But it’s a colorful world and the runners in red and green really made the setting sing. Loved your photos.


  3. Excellent photos Mark. i like the vertical tube of runners – the sky really makes the picture pop. I also like the the B/W of the runner – makes it seem more timeless. Well done.


  4. I admired your cropping job and your focus on the runner. You also showed a lot of detail in your photograph. I liked all of the above, best and most diplomatic answer, Mark! smiles!


  5. I like the black and white, maybe because it makes it feel more timeless, and that’s how I feel when I’m having a good run – like the clock stopped ticking and time doesn’t matter, and the world is really reduced to black and white because it’s just me and the pavement.


    • Great description of your personal relationship with running, Jay. Hey, you should be a writer. Wait a second …

      Yes, the black-and-white photo really strikes me as dramatic here, too.


  6. well marly mark (if I may call you that) – I love what you did with the runner and in a way – it is helping beta feel for your photographer side – and your choice of having the funner right where she is near that white car really does have that harmony with her b & w outfit (esp. the large headband) and the b & w of the car. I feel a nice tension with the cars faced the opposite direction – but the real spotlight of the photo – for me at leafs – I noticed on my third take as I was soaking up the tasty porches – which also look cool in b & w – but then I noticed the 4 houses seem to go from small to larger – in the same direction as the runner and it is just a great shot all around. I bet this running woman would love to have this shot –

    and speaking of these brave runners – wow – they must be super tough to run in that coldโ€ฆ.brrrrr


    • Yeah, that’s a long run in perfect conditions, Aud. Two miles that is. ๐Ÿ™‚ This class is really getting me to practice good photo principles here. It’s the last week. Holy cow.


  7. Good choices for each … The tutu wouldn’t have stood out as much in b&w. The angle you took the shots from definitely helps highlight movement and speed. At 17 degrees it’s easier to pick up the pace than at 87 degrees!


  8. Great shots, Mark. For some reason, I like the color ones better. Maybe that’s because I’M SO SICK OF THE LACK OF COLOR AROUND ME IN STILL WINTER-Y BOSTON. I’d like to run as far as I could when I’m outside in 17 F, too.

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    • Yes, the black dirt on the white snow … Ugh. Here, too, Ann. I was challenged for five posts, and I am finding the best shots that I can in the editing process.

      If I were a running man, 17 F would light a fire under my tail, yes, Ann, it would.

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