A pretty exciting almost for Tom ends at 288

Eleven strikes in a row for Tom Stagnitta.

Our blockbuster game two.

Big excitement bubbled for our CiCi’s Pizza team in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green Lanes in North Syracuse, N.Y.

When last I reported on our fortunes in this second half of the season, we’d started the night in fourth place, but had won just two of seven points that week, and I’d feared of how far we’d tumble in the congested standings of our 12-team league.

This week, we started the night in fifth. Three more weeks of competition remain to rise or fall after this tussle.

Randy was not available, having to attend the monthly Little League management meeting in his village, good father that he is. Ken subbed for us, for the first time. We won the first game by five pins when anchor man Tom came through with a big 10th frame.

And Tom continued his hot streak in game two. On and on his truck, and the excitment for Steve, Tiny and I built in the seventh, eighth and ninth. None of our original squad has ever tossed a perfecto in the league.

Tom stepped up to the lane in the 10th with the chance to do it. All he neeeded — all he needed? — was three more for the 300.

I took out my iPhone 6, but stayed in my seat toward the back of the seating arrangement, so he wouldn’t notice me shooting this video.

First shot, hard and true, typical Tom style. Strike. Eleven in a row.

Second shot. Off from the start. Eight down, two standing. Everybody claps, cheers the great effort, lanes surrounding included. Tom converts the spare to end at 288. How sweet it is.

Steve grabs the league stat sheet handed out at the start of the night and tells me that our team total gives us the yearly lead for high team game with handicap. Nice. If we can hold on throught the final three weeks, that will earn a few extra bucks in the prize money envelope on banquet night.

There’s a bit of a letdown in game three — for me, anyway — and we fall by 15 pins to go five up, two down to the squad that had started the night in first place, seven points ahead of us.

Our three games.

Our three games.

It will be interesting to see where we stand at the start of play next week in this tightly bunched league.

What’s the best game you’ve ever bowled? Have you ever seen somebody roll a 300 game in person? How nervous would you be for your friend standing up in the 10th frame with all those strikes in a row?

28 thoughts on “A pretty exciting almost for Tom ends at 288

  1. Still pretty impressive I’d say, but really, so long as you’re having fun and looking goofy, I’m pretty sure that’s why bowling was invented.


  2. WOW! I think the best I’ve ever bowled was around 240, but that was a fluke. I’m usually in at about 160-180. I’m still disappointed that the nicknames thing didn’t take. *SIGH* πŸ˜‰


  3. i’ve bowled for fun, never in a league and was never even at the level of ‘good.’ if that was about to happen for a friend i would be very nervous but excited for them!


  4. Always fun to drop by and see the ‘guys,’ Mark! I am heading later to an afternoon matinee with the M & M girls, to see, “Cinderella.” What a polar opposite place from the bowling heroes here! You are all winners in my ‘book,’ Mark!


  5. 126-204-124… you seem to have my knack for bowling schitzophrenic series! In the three years I have been in our current league, we’ve had the only 300 game bowled against us… as well as the only 299 game! Just our luck…

    Best of luck working your way up to first…. it ain’t gonna happen for us this time. Already plenty back, I threw away a sure win last week against the first place team needing just 6 pins and rolling a (hiding my eyes) 2. I was never more embarrassed in my bowling career…


    • First game, I threw four splits in the first six frames, converting none of them, Bill. Only one was direct head-pin hit. It was my Oy game. Third game, no carry, and I just missed my spares by a hair. Schizo, you bet.

      As for your 2 … That may be the hardest first shot in bowling, you know. Holy cow! How’d you manage a 2?


      • You are correct, the only way it can be done is to either chop off the 4-7 or 6-10 by just barely missing the 2 or 3 pin. I don’t know if it can be done by a bowler who throws a hook. I throw the ball straight and hard… so if I’m way off, I can get an occasional deuce. And, as you may have guessed, a lot of splits if I’m right on the head pin.


      • We have a few people in our league who use the same method, and they are prone to 2s and splits. I use the hook, not the curve. I aim for about 14.7 to 15.1 on my first ball, a little slower for spares.


  6. Almost embarrassed to say: 163 (no handicap). Took out a beautiful cheerleader, senior year of high school, thought I was pretty hot shit. She’d bowled twice before in her life and hit for 182–also turned out to be mind-numbingly boring.


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