A 300 by our sub livens up bowling night

Look at game two, fourth man down. Ron Fox Jr. rolled a 300 for CiCi's Pizza Thursday night.

Look at game two, fourth man down. Ron Fox Jr. rolled a 300 for CiCi’s Pizza Thursday night.

Even for a last-place team, the ultimate can happen anytime on the bowling lanes.

Last night, our sub bowler, Ron Fox Jr., rolled a perfect 300 in the second game of three.

Way to go, Ron.

It was exciting, watching his powerful ball knock down all 10 pins, 12 throws in a row.

All the bowlers in our 12-team league applauded after his final strike.

Perfect games come fairly often in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green in North Syracuse, N.Y., at least a couple every month, it seems. It’s a very good league.

They are celebrated every time nevertheless.

Steve, Randy, Tom and I shared in the applause. And the fun.

We sang out thanks for our fifth regular bowler, Tiny, who was in the second week of a vacation to Cancun. Tiny returned home too late yesterday to get to the lanes. His bad. Our great.

The five guys on the other team grumped a bit about having a sub bowler roll a 300 against them.

I have a little sympathy. Just a little. We’ve had a 300 game rolled against us several times over the past six seasons I’ve been bowling with these guys. And by a sub bowler, too.

It’s the first perfect game over that time for somebody on our team.

It was great.

We won all three games and took total pins for a seven-point sweep. We got closer to the team in 11th place.

Oh, yes. What about me?

Bad first game. Average second game.

And then in game three, with Ron in a bit of a letdown after that perfecto — he still almost managed to hit his average with a 213, mind you — I came up big with a 237 game. Not bad for a man who entered the night with a 161 average. I had nine strikes in the game. Ron enthusiastically shook my hand after my last shot.

Now that’s a great bowling night.

21 thoughts on “A 300 by our sub livens up bowling night

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  2. Mark … I don’t bowl, but is it the same as when a pitcher has a no-hitter going? As in, no one mentions it, and everyone else avoids the person working on the perfect game?


  3. I’ve only witnessed two 300 games in my bowling career, both in the Men’s league that bowls next to the mixed league I am in. My team did have a 299 shot against us last year. The alley always gets quiet and all eyes are on anyone who is three strikes away from perfection… it’s quite a thrill to see!


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