Photo 101: My mystery leads me to …

Syracuse shopping, dining and enertainment complex Destiny USA

Looking up toward the light.

Lesson 10 in Photo 101 had Michelle sending us to find a Mystery. She used lighting as her teaching cue, illustrating how different angles bring hues and shadows to our frames.

I had a trip planned to a big place in Syracuse, and decided to share two views of one of the landmark’s most prominent locations. The first is shooting up, toward the light source.

Looking down.

Looking down.

The second is taken from as close to the light source as possible, shooting down.

Both images seem fairly mysterious to me.

Without looking at the tags, can you guess where I was?

It’s a mall. The center atrium of Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, to be specific. I like looking at the floors surrounding the square in the middle, and wondering how many people are scooting off to each side, where they’re going, and what they’re looking to buy.

Regal Cinema, Destiny USA, Syracuse.

Regal Cinema, Destiny USA, Syracuse.

Me? I was heading to the Regal Cinema chain to see “Run All Night” for my Syracuse New Times film blog review. It’ll run at Monday morning, with a sister piece right here by the way.

Which view of the Destiny USA center atrium do you prefer, and why? Would you stand at the rail, looking down, attempting to people watch, or is it too high up for you? Which shot of the three is the most mysterious to you, and why?

61 thoughts on “Photo 101: My mystery leads me to …

  1. I think you did great in all 3 shots, but I like the cinema one the best… probably because I’m a bit of a rebel and you’re not supposed to have your cellphone on or take photos at the movies. πŸ˜‰ Nah! it’s because it’s dark and mysterious. πŸ™‚


  2. my fav was the ‘looking up’ view, makes me feel how small we are in the scheme of things and wondering about the ‘big picture.’ most mysterious is the last one, a hazy, blurry view of things.


  3. What an effect…the green glowing ‘exit’ light in the theater shot.

    That really is some Destiny! Wonderful photos!


  4. I liked the picture looking up Mark – it looks majestic. The pic looking down would be a great place to people watch. It reminds me of the most impressive atrium I have ever seen in my life. In Shanghai the Jin Mao Tower s the 17th tallest building in the world – 88 stories. The Grand Hyatt Shanghai occupies from 53rd to 87th floors and the atrium is from the 56th floor to the top. When i visited Shanghai with a school group, we stood on the viewing platform on the top and looked down 31 floors to the main desk of the Hyatt on the 56th floor. I enjoy being high and looking down. I would have been a good cat. Ha!

    Great photos Mark.


  5. I might have to take a Meclizine before I go much farther bro Mark. I love all the pictures, and couldn’t figure out what they were because I was dizzy from looking up, then from looking down, so when I saw the lights I started going toward them, only to bump into my monitor screen. I think you captured “mystery” very well, and then got your movie in as a bonus. Good job! Just curious though, did anyone stop and stare when you were lying on the floor for the “up” picture? Around here you would have been surrounded by paramedics and firemen, plus mall security asking what drugs you were on.


  6. I find the view up is much more interesting (probably because I really don’t dig malls). The theatre shot is the most mysterious to me….Makes me wonder who has sat here before, what movie is playing, what kind of emotions have played out here…..great photos to get me thinking!!


  7. Too high for me! I’d stand at the floor and look up at that atrium. That’s the most mysterious. We only know what’s out there sometimes, for so far, the rest is theory and conjecture! πŸ™‚


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