Johnny Depp hurt Down Under



So while in Australia filming the fifth edition of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, Johnny Depp hurt his hand. I discovered this disconcerting news while compiling my weekly Film News blog posted every Thursday morning on the Syracuse New Times site.

You can read where that revelation led me by clicking the link below.

Depp needed surgery. The second half of the movie title is “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” He will be able to talk. Yay.

Also, I write about the pending relationship between the Apple Watch and movie ticket giant Fandango. Apple and the ticket app. And yet I steadfastly stand in the physical line to get my paper receipt and scan my points card for discounted popcorn …

Are you a fan of the “Pirates” series, and why? Are you considering an Apple Watch, and why? Box office movie tickets or online ahead of time, and why?

25 thoughts on “Johnny Depp hurt Down Under

  1. I enjoyed the first Pirate movie so I’m not sure why I never saw the other few….. And the watch, I’ve not read enough about why I need one to make a decision yet. I’m usually a decade or two behind on movies. And technology is hit and skip with me. Some things I grab immediately and other things I don’t see a need for. There’s no reasoning to my decision making MBM. 😉


  2. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Pirates franchise, but I like them well enough. I have great respect for Johnny Depp in terms of acting. He’s one of my favorites. (My husband is the ‘Pirates’ movies fan and he takes me along to see them. This is also the reason I am familiar with the Hobbit and Ring movies; without my husband, I probably wouldn’t have seen any of them. That would be a shame.)


  3. I am a big fan of the Pirates movies, since you can count on them to ‘deliver’ entertainment, Mark. I have been dismayed at times, when ads led me into a movie, which wasn’t as funny or ‘good’ (in my mind) as I expected… Anyway, I will see them on the big screen with my 55 and over card at the Strand.
    As far as the watch is concerned, in Ohio there was a newscaster who announced you could ‘rent’ a watch to try it on and find out how you liked it, for $50 a week. Wow! Not sure I am even ready to give up my flip phone, it fits in my pocket and does fairly well with photos, too.


  4. I still love Depp. I know he’s had his missteps, but I think he’s talented. “Pirates” I can take it or leave it. I have no need for a watch and already pay through the teeth for family phones. Incredible! Which is why I stand in line for reduced popcorn, too. Oh yes, it’s worth it!


  5. Okay, Mark, I was about to be disappointed that this wasn’t a pun on an injury to an intimate area (once I knew there was no serious injury involved), but that other crack you made cracked me up!
    Thanks for the laugh.

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