Photo 101: A different view of nature

The spring melt on March 11 in Syracuse, N.Y.

Fighting for green and spring outside the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.

Today’s Photo 101 lesson eight plan from Cheri sent us on the hunt for nature. Big and small, lines that bend, she said.

I had a trip to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse for a ticket purchase matter on my agenda, and kept my eyes open and my iPhone 6 ready.

With the spring melt in process on the college campus, I noticed a series of trees quite close to the dome finally laying claim to a rectangle of green grass instead of the huge piles of white snow that have buried us here in upstate New York since it became 2015. The trees look small compared to the big stadium that houses the Orange football and basketball teams, I thought.

Winter retreating for spring.

Same stand of trees, looking smaller; same stadium, looking larger.

Walking toward my car, I thought of part two of Cheri’s lesson, to use or disprove the Rule of Thirds. Those are the same trees, the two far right.

Is nature showing a sign of force at this transition of seasons where you live? Where do you find elements of nature where they pleasantly surprise you, and how are they placed? Which photo do you like better, and why?

44 thoughts on “Photo 101: A different view of nature

  1. Great job! I like the top one better because it focuses more on the trees and distinctly shows their bent lines. At my house, Jeremy just raked up over ten bags of leaves and isn’t done yet…. and we only have one tree!


      • I was actually a freshman at Boston College (before transferring to MSU) and was travelling into the lion’s den to support my school in an old Big East b-ball showdown. It must have been early January because I was on Christmas break and it was only a 90 minute drive to Syracuse from home.


      • Cool. I didn’t realize you went to BC first. Much closer to Herkimer County, that’s for sure. Those Big East bashes were intense. I was assistant sports editor in ’86 and did columns. Much fun.


  2. i like the trees with bare branches. survivors of the long winter and contrast to the concrete and metal behind it. love the grass popping up through the patches of snow near my house. there is hope!


    • Hope arrives, Beth. I was hanging in the backyard with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle on skunk watch just now, and we were both falling through the top crunch of the snow on the off-her-beaten path areas. I’d say this weak, it’s melted down to a third of its height. πŸ™‚


  3. I like that you utilized big building to emphasize these little saplings. Someday, you may go back and take a photo or two of how much taller they are after years have gone by. I liked the look of the green grass, Mark. Things of Spring are looking up, my friend!


  4. I like the second photo better because of those orange railings that you have on the bottom third of your picture. It makes it interesting. It is in the 60+ degrees weather here this week and expected to be in the 70’s next week. What is happening is the fruit will bloom and we will have a freeze and then, again, no fruit. 😦 As much as I love this weather, I would prefer that it wait until it turns spring and stays spring.

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