Photo 101 Addendum: Carrier Dome walk gallery

My dear wife Karen and I walked from our car in the West lot to the University Sheraton to the Carrier Dome on Friday night to see two games in the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen, East Region style.

I had my iPhone 6 out the whole way, even though I had posted my last assignment for Photo 101 earlier in the day. I am thoroughly bitten by the bug.

Much to my delight, I discovered Cheri’s post-class message with addendum suggestions when we returned home. I hope you enjoy some of the sights the crowds that walk the campus will discover again today when Louisville and Michigan State meet for a berth in next weekend’s Final Four.

Galleries from my journey:

Newhouse School salutes former student

Angling at the Dome

Big sky, brown and beige

Click all photos for cutlines. Click all bottom photos for an enlarged slide show.

Which of the photos do you like, and why? What strikes you about the Syracuse campus the most? Which building is your favorite, and why?

37 thoughts on “Photo 101 Addendum: Carrier Dome walk gallery

  1. Of course I love them all, but I think you already knew I’d like the bottom one the best because it looks like a castle, and I’m a Renaissance kind of gal. πŸ˜‰ Great job, Mark! πŸ˜€


    • Thanks, Robin. The stairs in Dick Clark’s studio I will love because of the importance to Dick Clark to our generation, Robin. And the castle photo, that sky really is something, I agree.


  2. Are all your followers such Big Romantics, favouring the Gothic final shot? Your set does seem to climax with that one, so I had a closer look at some of the others and was fascinated by the first amendment shot, there is a lot going on in that with the foreground, the sky and the cut-off reflection, but also much scope for re-editing and cropping to make a whole set in itself.


    • I’m glad you took a look at that First Amendment photo, Roy. That is the side of the Newhouse School of Communications, so those words declaring our Freedom of the Press are precious to those within and without. Thanks for your close-up insight, my friend.

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  3. I like angling at the dome Mark, because I’m always drawn to reflections in buildings and water, etc., is that you reflected in the building shooting the photo? I also like the very last photo. The moody sky, the fact that it reminds me of our parliament building in Ottawa. ❀
    Diana xo


  4. Hands down the last shot is my favorite. A big dark castle looking structure silhouetted against a gray sky. Very Gothic to me. As a matter of fact were you to cut out the autos it would be a great cover shot for a Romantic novel. The biggest thing I noticed about the Syracuse Campus was the newness of the buildings. Don’t you guys have any old ones?

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