Syracuse music, with The Works

And the winner is …

Friday night, 13 best-of category recipients will be announced at the Syracuse Area Music Awards annual ceremony at the Palace Theatre.

There also will be shiny black trophies handed out for the Brian Bourke Award for best new artist, hall of fame inductees (including Chris Goss of Masters of Reality) and …

You can find out more by clicking the link below to read my weekly community blog for Syracuse Public Media site My column today is about the Sammys.

Syracuse rockers The Works, circa 1980s.

Syracuse rockers The Works, circa 1980s. (From

The reunion band gig will be turned in by The Works, which hasn’t played together in 30 years. I’ll be there with my iPhone 6 to attempt to capture a cool video to post here next week.

Chris Goss, left, masters the reality of studio work in LA. (From

Chris Goss, left, masters the reality of studio work in LA. (From

I’ve been asked to be a presenter again, which is always fun. At least that’s how I feel when I’m done and back in my seat next to my dear wife Karen. I’ll find out who I’ll be paired with on stage and which category we’ll announce we arrive at the Palace on Friday night.

None of what we say up there will be rehearsed or scripted, of course. So sure, I’ll get a little nervous, even though it’s just a sentence or two of coherent anticipation and congratulation expected. Maybe I’ll be able to hoist my iPhone 6 and take a picture looking back out at the crowd this time. I’ll try. If I don’t tighten up …

What kind of iPhone 6 video work do you want to see from me from the Sammys? What kind of photography? Any hints about staying cool and calm while presenting?

15 thoughts on “Syracuse music, with The Works

  1. This looks like a group that would have gotten along with the Beatles, in the olden days, Mark! They seem like fun-loving guys. I like that you are pleasant and sincere, so being a co-presenter is to be yourself, truly a nice guy saying some good introductions… smiles!


  2. Mark, I have no advice on the videos or photos but as for dealing with your nerves – you’re a natural as witnessed on your radio interview recently. The other thing you got going for you is your love of music and a hundred years of experience writing about it! โค Speak from your beautiful heart.

    One of my favourite experiences EVER – was when I co-hosted the Cochrane Folk Festival. I love being on stage with a captive audience! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Although, they never did ask for me to come back….
    Diana xo


    • You co-hosted a music festival, Diana! That is so cool. I will have to go and look up the Cochrane Folk Festival and then add your name to the search and see if I find any photos of you there! I love the fact that you enjoyed the experience, my friend. My suggestion to you is to call the organizers and remind them how much you enjoyed being part of their festival. Somebody probably just lost your contact imformation! โค


    • Jokes. Hmmmmm. We shall see about jokes, Marissa. I have shied from stand-up at the Sammys. I try to talk with the co-presenter somehow. Maybe we can cook up a knock-knock joke. As for photos/videos of me, that would have to fall into the hands of my dear wife Karen, and for her it’s a date, not work. ๐Ÿ™‚


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