Connecting the dots between Yayoi Kusama, Eddie Murphy

Japanes artist Yayoi Kusama in images (From Google+)

Japanes artist Yayoi Kusama in images (From Google+)

There’s a movie being make about the life of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, a woman whom I must report I’d never heard of until I saw that fact that “Life in Polka Dots” was being filmed while collecting items for my weekly Film News blog for the Syracuse New Times. She was a contemporary of Andy Warhol.

You can read that account on that site by clicking the link below.

An American production company bought partnership rights with a firm from the U.K., so we may get a chance to see the film here. There’s a photo of her exhibit you’ll be able to see by clicking over to the link above that drew me in like a magnet, by the way. Think polka dots.

Eddie Murphy, in images from the glory year of 1984 (From Google+)

Eddie Murphy, in images from the glory year of 1984 (From Google+)

Also of some note is that Eddie Murphy is being quoted about the making of “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” You remember Axel Foley, right, the slick and funny dude that came before Dr. Doolittle and that talking donkey?

Polka-dot themes or Campbell soup cans for your art wall hangings? Polka dots on what articles of your clothing? Who’s your favorite Eddie Murphy character, and why?

43 thoughts on “Connecting the dots between Yayoi Kusama, Eddie Murphy

  1. I love polka dots, but only on sundresses (or blouses) and I prefer my Campbell soup cans in kitchen cabinets, not on walls. As for Eddie Murphy, I’m with you, Axel Foley was definitely one of his best characters though I did like Trading Places and 48 Hours as well.


  2. is this your wording – “glory year of 1984”
    and no polka dots or soup cans for moi – but do appreciate both.
    I am actually excited to hear about BHC #4 –

    also, we remember axel foley for a few reasons – and actually – for the past year my husband sometimes will say “banana in the tail pipe” whenever this certain news anchor comes on our local station = because this news anchor sounds just like one of eddie murphy voices in that movie –

    and well – the first fav that comes to mind with Eddie – Roxanne….


    • I don’t know if I called ’84 glorious yesterday but I will this morning if you want me to, Y. My second year in Syracuse, watching BHC and laughing at Eddie Murphy’s banana in the tailpipe voice. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the clips and the passion for explaining your position, as always. Your husband cracking up at the thought of it because of the local anchor … yes, that could happen in my house.

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  3. Axel F–when I need to escape the fact that I am a mom, I bang it out on the piano. Eddie made us laugh. I’ve got some ice cream and such. Love funky contemporary art. Also French impressionism. Very cool with the polka dots. She has a passion for polka dots.


  4. There’s something delightful about dots; they’re playful, fun and, well, dotty! I bought a second-hand, 1950s red polka dot swing dress a few years ago but it never quite fitted me properly. Not just back into black or blue and white lines. Perhaps I need to get dotty again?!


  5. You may think this is really funny, but Jackson Pollock is famous for his use of dots and abstract art, and the movie, “Pollock,” is the one I could not remember its title (in above comment, Mark!) smiles! I love my black and white polka dot blouse and my navy and polka dot dress. I have worn both to summer activities, as Barb mentioned, not sure polka dots are winter wear. I once wrote a post about spots making me ‘dotty’!


  6. I am not sure I would watch this movie, but usually watch all artist movies. I enjoyed Salma Hayek when she played, “Frida,” with Mexican art and really unique story. She was over-shadowed by a man who was famous, too. I liked Ed Harris when he played an artist and Marcia Gay Harden was in it, too. This was a modern painter, which I don’t remember his name… The recent movie, “Big Eyes,” will be on my soon to see library ‘waitlist.’ I picked up “Draft Day,” and am on four other wait lists, next up in a few days is, “Boyhood.” Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mark (and your sweet wife!)


  7. Polka-dotted soup cans?

    Polka dot skirts, for sure. Better yet if you can get a poodle on there too.

    Axel Foley, no doubt, with Akeem from “Coming to America” and Billy Ray from “Trading Places” rounding out the top three.


  8. LOL because (my hand to God), I am wearing a black and white polka dotted shirt right now. I wanted something soft and longsleeved, since the temp dropped 20+ degrees since yesterday. I so rarely need to wear longsleeves in these here parts. But Yayoi’s polka dots are straight up crazy. She looks like a Snuggied Raggedy Emo. I can’t decide if she’s on acid or if it’s one of those mid-schizophrenia portraits.

    And Eddie–Eddie was the man, on top of the world for years. He hasn’t changed much, to look at him. I think he could do another BHC.


  9. Mark, I have a red dress with white polka dots. It is made of light material perfect for hot days, is loose-fitting, has two deep pockets and is my absolute favourite summer dress! I can’t wait till I can wear it again. πŸ˜€
    Diana xo


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