One last burst of energy for The Head, Captain Poblano

The Head gets around.

Wormy couldn’t help putting her Captain Poblano version into a peculiar predicament in Brasov, coupled with The Head itself.

International conflict?

International conflict?

Her words that accompany the work of her photo-tinkering talent are a Nano Poblano fairytale indeed. Please click the link above and marvel.

Blogger Rachel Carrera, meanwhile, made sure to relocate The Head in three situations requested in the comments drawn from her last photo-shopping ventures.



Pyramid schemer?

Pyramid schemer?

Elfette and Elf.

Elfette and Elf.

My dear wife Karen’s got Christmas game in the last, does she not?

Fish of Gold

Think of some other WordPress blog friends, Team Pepper or otherwise, that you’d like to see turn up in interesting photo or illustrated situations. Plot your best shenanigans and go to town. Be sure to link to me when you publish so The Head won’t miss the fruit of your labor.

23 thoughts on “One last burst of energy for The Head, Captain Poblano

  1. You are a man of great patience Mark – watching as your head travels around the world and appears on some of the most outlandish places. I’m trying hard not to laugh. Ha! Sorry, can’t. ha!
    Oh, as an aside Mark, I did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom. If you have the time to drop by for a read, I would be honored. Thank You Mark.


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