Hey, Geek Squad, give Linda G. a new laptop

I think Linda G. Hill deserves a brand new laptop from her local Geek Squad.

Do you want to become part of a grand blogging/social media experiment with me today?

Reblog. Share. See how far we can get this statement out, out, out.

Here’s the back story, as I was reminded by Nano Poblano teammate Linda G’s post Friday.

(From geeksquad.com)

(From geeksquad.com)

She took her broken laptop to her Geek Squad reps with a battery problem half a year ago. The battery they ordered just came in. It was the wrong battery. They want her to wait around some more.

She wondered in her little story why they don’t give her a new laptop. Take a look at the happy Geek Squad agents in the logo I culled directly from their site above? Don’t they look like they might get on the phone, call headquarters, and get the OK to fix such a heinous mix-up with a $400 solution?

That’s the scanario that played in Linda G’s imagination, too. But not in real life.

Back in the day, if it were me, I would have went to the public library, grabbed reference books, looked up as much information about Geek Squad parent company Best Buy as I could find and asdfjkl;-ed myself a letter to the top.

Dear Robert Stephens,
I recently had a bad experience attempting to have my product fixed by your Geek Squad agents in the store near …

This morning I just used Google to discover that Stephens founded the company, which was bought by American electronics selling giant Best Buy, and is headquartered in Richfield, Minn. Stephens’ title was Chief Inspector when he started Geek squad in 1994, by the way. Thank you, wikipedia.

A big company such as Best Buy, I figure, must have somebody on staff whose job it is to use SEO to search the company name for stories and complaints, pass information up the ladder, keep the image fresh.

Linda G’s problem is small. But it’s a big deal to her, and she’s a hard-working writer and a mom who cares for a son with special needs, a kid who ends each day with a smile and in turn puts a big smile on her face for the long hours of love and care they spend together each day. And then she can go to that laptop to work on her novel and short stories and blogs. Linda G didn’t say any of this in her little piece Friday, by the way. I’ve been reading her blog for more than a year and thus am presumptuous enough to say it for her.

Geek Squad? Best Buy? Are you with us on this?

Get this story in the right hands, online screener.

I think Linda G. Hill deserves a new brand laptop from her local Geek Squad.

Fish of Gold

46 thoughts on “Hey, Geek Squad, give Linda G. a new laptop

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  2. I tweeted it to Best Buy’s official Twitter account. But I think someone needs to print out this as well as Linda G.’s story and send it to Linda G.’s hometown newspaper and get them to run with it for community involvement right there whey they use her Best Buy.


  3. Reblogged this on Dear Diary and commented:
    Let’s spread the word, Linda G Hill has not been getting very good customer service from giant Best Buy. In fact she’s been getting lousy service! Let’s get Linda a new laptop! Read and comment on Mark’s original blog. Then reblog his post. Thanks!


  4. Reblogged this on lindaghill and commented:
    Team Pepper (aka Team AWESOME) captain Mr. Mark has been kind enough to conduct a social media experiment on my behalf, to get Best Buy’s attention. Check out his post and let’s see how far this can go.


    • I haven’t – I wouldn’t know how to go about finding anyone higher. The manager is usually useless in cases like this. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with warranty issues there.


      • Actually, my dealings with them have ranged from really bad to really fantastic. I have had a new laptop from them before – but only after almost 3 years of fighting to get it. They do have an excellent warranty service, as long as what goes wrong with your equipment is what is covered, like anything else, really. As for the Geek Squad, I’ve found them helpful but also limited to what they have to work with – company policy and seemingly, cryptic computer systems with which to work (which is why they got the wrong battery for me).
        It’s a real toss-up as far as I’m concerned. I’ll probably go back until I find something better. But it’s like going to a mechanic – how do you know what kind of service you’re getting unless you’re one yourself? At least at Best Buy they’re not on commission, so they have nothing to lose. And yeah, maybe that’s part of the problem. πŸ˜›


      • I think they should say “we messed up the battery order, you were with a bum laptop for six months, here you go.” That would be good customer service. They should be able to look you up on their computer system, Linda G, and see the history of this problem, and make amends. I frequent Best Buy in Syracuse, and had a flap with them over buying their upsell extended warranty on my first set of iPhones because I heard it would also up the amount of the trade-in I’d get. I had no idea that the trade-in clause would have an end-date. So when I went to buy two new iPhones at Best Buy, I was told that, oh well, I get the trade in everybody else does because my extended plan had expired. But you know what? They still had the best price on the new phones and good deal on their own credit card that I already have for no-finance payment, so I stayed with them. I just didn’t go for the upsell this time. So I am like you. They still have my business, too. But I sure wish they’d check out their name on the Internet and do something with your problem because of this blog network. πŸ™‚

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      • By now they should all know me in there without having to look me up, but as you say, it’s all there on their computers.

        I wish they’d notice this too – is it possible that no one checks? I suppose. πŸ˜›


  5. Great idea. Best Buy may need a kick in the butt on a larger scale. I bought one computer from them, ever. Bought an extended warranty that included one free battery. Started having trouble, including dead battery. Took it to Best Buy repeatedly. Never fixed it. Never replaced the battery. Every time I went I had to wait at least 15 minutes, during which time I watched them tell EVERY single person who brought in a computer under warranty (which was everybody) that there was some reason why it couldn’t be fixed under the warranty. I took that to mean that it’s their policy to sell warranties and never honor them. Haven’t ever set foot in a Best Buy again and would never buy another item from them. I’d love to see everyone boycott Best Buy.


  6. I am always irate with different places, some who have glitches in their systems but mainly, their answer is to “Pass the Buck!” I hope this post or another form of communication gets this issue fixed and Linda gets a new laptop computer!!

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  7. Wow! Thank you Mr. Mark! I so appreciate this – it’ll be interesting to see how far it goes. πŸ˜€
    I won’t be around to comment much today – just got a call from the retirement home to say I need to take my mom to the hospital. It may be nothing, but wait times in the ER are almost as long as waiting for Best Buy to get off their butts, as everyone knows.
    I’ll be back to check later to see where this has gone. πŸ™‚ Thanks again!


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  9. I agree give her a new computer with extra warranty, all loaded up with her favs. not norton you stinkers. And just be good corporate citizens.
    Like you MArk I do some due diligence and do NOW write letters and complaint emails. Go Linda Go get ’em girl

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