Two weeks down, Nano Poblano, time to hop in and volunteer

Fish of Gold

The fun continues as week two of Nano Poblano concludes, Team Pepper. Interesting posts abound. My click finger may never be the same.

Our three Little Pepper Blog Hops are still jumping between squad members.

As you recall, Fish of Gold started our ball rolling with a short story opportunity.

I came in thereafter with the Name Game.

And quite soon after that, Nerd in the Brain jumped in with the list of oddly specific gratitudes.

Many of you have participated in one. Two. All. Fun. Am I right?

But in the several days, Love Marriage Worms had the damndest time after posting her addition to the Blog Hop Story, coming up with more than one dry lead trying to find another writer to extend the tale.

Later last night I breathed a little easier when she found a willing writer, galesmind.

Still later, I received notice that Destino had posted a Name Game entry, tagging Nerdy.

Just now, I tracked down the Gratitudes list to last night’s post by Lucy the Excessive Gardener, with a tag to Debra of Booking It.

I sense some others may need to step up and take a shot at these things in the next two weeks. Our list of team members on the blog roll may be reaching its expiration point.

Consider this my plea for volunteers. I may be preaching to the chorus, but preach I will. My friends! My colleagues! My writers and picture takers and poets!

If you haven’t participated in one of our Nano Poblano exercises above, consider yourself as missing out in the chance to feel fulfilled. And, in the case of the Name Game, and opportunity to win prizes that will be sent via post by me!

Volunteer by adding your link in the comment section below. You do not have to be on the Nano Poblano blog roll roster linked to above. We’re not strict on rules here. We just want to meet interesting bloggers and read intriguing blogs. Newcomers still welcome. If you think others you follow or who follow you might be interested, please reblog this post.

There are two weeks left to keep these three Blog Hops hopping with new blood.

Have a good day. Nano Poblano!

Was this Blog Hop Story your first attempt at fiction writing, and if so, how did you feel when you finished? What sort of prizes do you expect for the Name Game? How close have you come to missing a day this November, and tell us about your closest call.

45 thoughts on “Two weeks down, Nano Poblano, time to hop in and volunteer

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  2. I am always hesitant to commit but enjoy the readings and choices here and other places. Mark, you and your group are a mighty fine group of creative writers! Hope you have fun doing this, while I like to ‘fly by the seat of my pants.’ I hit 671 posts in two years so I think I missed 60 days which makes about 2-3 a month I take a break! I am not sure if the numbers are accurate, this is my estimate… since you asked about missing posting on blogs.


    • You are a very consistent poster, Robin, which amazed me very much because I know you must go to the library to do your thing. Bless you for your commitment. ๐Ÿ™‚ And talent. ๐Ÿ™‚ and determination. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Okay Marko, I’m not posting every day, but I’ll give them a try. How’s that? I’m just dropping in for a quick visit, and to rest my eyelashes between afghan rows, but I’m pretty much up to a challenge at the moment. Could be because I keep drop-kicking my head. I should get a bike helmet.


    • I think you would llike it, Apple Pie. If you click the links of the people listed as creating the three original blogs, they all have definitions of the rules of the individual hops, as all are a little different, although somewhat adhering to this principal:

      An additional piece of an existing story is written by a blogger, who posts it on her or his own blog, and adds his or her link to the chain already included. Then they pick a blogger who has yet to contribute from these Nano Poblano pages and tags them by alerting them it’s their turn with a comment and the link of their post on the next-up’s About Page.

      If you want in, repond here by putting your blog link and saying you’re available to be tagged at one point or another for all three Hops. The the bloggers who get picked will know you can be selected when they are looking for somebody to pass the chain along to. Make sense?

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  4. I have attempted — poorly and unsuccessfully, I might add — to write a fiction novel. It never got done because my fascinating characters lost their way in a poorly conceived plot. But on my blog, I have experimented with this thing called “flash fiction,” which is basically short (anywhere from a few hundred words up to, typically, no more than 1,000) and I’ve really enjoyed it. What is fun about it, for me, anyway, is that in fewer than 1,000 words, you have to keep the story line (aka, plot) simple. So it’s been kind of fun for me. Sometimes I use prompts and build a short fictional story around those prompts.


    • I now have the urge to try my hand at this flash fiction, Doobster, thanks to partaking in the Blog Hop story. Like you, I’ve thought about my characters in my head forever, but have not actually put the plot in action. Good for you, doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I consider it an honor to be asked. I am a complete novice at this but I am having such a great time!! I haven’t missed a day although it may have been in another time zone once or twice!! I really appreciate all the encouragement. I love writing and listening to other peoples ideas. Join us!! You will be happy you did.


  6. I can totally play this game, Mark! But how? I clicked on your links and not sure where I’d pick up the game with any of those. Whose turn is it? I could do any of it–short stories, gratitude, funny name (though all with a food twist you understand ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but not sure exactly where to jump and how. Please advise. The hopping sounds fun.


    • The way the hops work, Liz, is that you must be tagged by the previous writer. So now that you have volunteered for all three, I can shout out with glee:

      Liz from her Food Is Fun blog would love to particpate in all three of our Blog Hops. I’ve been following and commenting with her back and forth for a while, and she’ll be great. Her link is above.


      • I must be a bad communicator today. You can write all three somewhere if you’re very eager, Liz. But to come up in the rotation to have them published as a Blog Hop entry in this Nano Poblano thing and get on the chain of links, you must first be tagged by the previous writer.

        So, I have put in the comment box that you have volunteered to be tagged in all three Blog Hop series. Somebody who is writing one of them will look here to find the next writer in the link and decide upon you. They will notify you of this by putting the link to their story on your About page.

        You write your contribution and do the same for the next person.

        Here is the link to a contribution to the odd gratitude blogs. The directions are on top, and they might explain the process better than me. This is just for your information. This is not tagging you to be next.

        Let me know if I am being murky instead of Markie. I know it is hard to jump in during the middle of things like this. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • You’re a fine communicator, Mark. I am just a bad understander ๐Ÿ˜‰ Think I got it. All I do for now is sit back and wait! Thanks for clearing the murk.


  7. I haven’t done the gratitude hop yet, and I can. Non-fiction/quasi-fiction is my thing. I like to see the lines, so I can color outside of them. Having no lines is terrifying. Thus, straight fiction makes me VERY nervous. But I did it!

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  8. I’d love to add to the gratitude and the story blog hops. I promise not to add terrible poetry to either one! Pick me!


  9. I think I have attempted fiction twice before, so this was hop was one of my few times giving it a go.

    I used my Photo 101 post for my post yesterday; up until then I was doing two a day: one photo and one “other”.

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    • I noticed your two-a-days, Sheena. And admired you for it. It’s getting to the dog days of November, though. Doubling up is OK every now and again, you know? I bet you go back to two, knowing how you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My little piece of the Blog Hop Story was one my very first fiction attempts, too, other than class-forced stilted school stories and sit-and-stare at the screen sessions. I loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I lost track of time, but I think you are right, I will probably be back to those soon enough.

        I may try to re-visit some of the 100-word fiction challenges to see if I can improve in that area. Some bloggers I follow come up with a new approach every week and I am still stuck on “what character name have I not used yet?” LOL


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