One week down, Nano Poblano, many great posts written: A blog roll

Fish of Gold

Are you hanging in there after our first seven days of November, Nano Poblano teammates?

We’ve accomplished plenty. Fish of Gold started the wildly entertaining Blog Hop story. Who, what and why? We are in the middle of something fun, funny and very entertaining.

I began Blog Hop II: The Name Game. Do you think our little tales are true or not true? Somebody is going to win a prize at the end of November. That one’s still making the rounds, too.

Nerd in the Brain started the Gratitude Blog Hop. The list of things of which to be thankful is getting longer and is quite interesting. Get ready to bare a little of yourself. No, put your shoes back on. Not that sole …

Meanwhile, plenty of posts have been passing through Nano Poblano Central, also known as the Nov. 1 post titled

Deborah Drucker sent me a message tonight asking if I could put together a Nano Poblano blog roll to better access curious blog-seekers.

So I have gone through that page and messages received. Click away, Nano Poblano, and meet your fellow Peppers.

Updated after week two with link below taking you to post with comments from volunteers who want to be tagged for all or various Blog Hops.

Nano Poblano 2014 Blog Roll and

I’ve spent more than an hour culling links from the Team Pepper page comments, and I even took a turn to the reminder post I up, too.

If I’ve missed you on the list above, Pepper, please let me know in the comment section here or on the Team Pepper page, and I’ll add your link to the list, pronto.

Let’s all continue to enjoy Nano Poblano’s efforts, one and all.

78 thoughts on “One week down, Nano Poblano, many great posts written: A blog roll

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  16. You definitely have a fine list of collaborators on this project! Go Mark and other who are going to be Peppers! Smiles and enjoy your weekend, Mark.
    I am off to see Big Hero 6 with Skyler and Micah, along with their mother at the Strand Theater, Delaware, Ohio at 2 o’clock. I will let you know if it is as good as some of the critics have said about it! smiles!


    • I hope you liked it, Robin. Karen and I watched Syracuse self-destruct in the fourth quarter to fall to Duke in football. Ah, well. Last home game of the season. A 1-5 record at home for our Orange this year. Blaaaa! ‘Big Hero 6’ had to be better than that.


  17. That is a lot of work you did there Mark! Cool.
    See now I get THIS pingback notification – but I am not getting the blog hop story ones. I have tested links and everything. Terribly frustrating that they are not showing up or coming through in notifications, I think I broke something somewhere πŸ˜‰
    Dunno if I am going to keep up with this new game of story/truth name telling :/


  18. I got missed. πŸ™‚ And I have a link up happening for people NaBloPoMo or Nano Poblano-ing going on at my place too. The link to that is in my right hand sidebar on my blog.


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