Remember to put your blog link on Nano Poblano spicy page Blog Roll

Fish of Gold

The first day of November has arrived. Time to post the first of your monthly blogs to share with Nano Poblano, Team Pepper, the Little Peppers.

NaBloPoMo will allow bloggers to meet new bloggers, read new blogs, and make their world more interesting by joining together and sharing ideas, comments and the results and their hard work.

We are using the team page for Nano Poblano as the monthly gathering place for comments and a launching point. The comment section is the Blog Roll. Please remember to add the link to your blog there along with a brief description of it and a few words about yourself so all members of Nano Poblano can use the page all month to find teammates’ blogs to pursue new blogging relationships.

Here’s the link to the Nano Poblano team page.

Happy November.

20 thoughts on “Remember to put your blog link on Nano Poblano spicy page Blog Roll

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  4. I was going to join and when I went into the link, my iPad kept getting stuck and I had to reboot it. So I decided I had better wait until my life isn’t quite so busy. Thanks for the invite!


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