For those of you less sarcastic potential poblanos

Nano Poblano unadorned

It strikes me that some of you on the fence about joining forces for NaBloPoMo have less of a caustic writing bone than I when it comes to choosing the flags to fly on your blog.

That’s why Fish of Gold produced two logos for Nano Poblano, aka Team Pepper, and being called Little Peppers, as we’ve been getting ready to start November here on the squad of bloggers led last year by the wondrous Rara.

I put the adorned version up on the home page yesterday. It’s the one with the explainer that also reads “Because Typing NaBloPoMo is Hard.”

Here’s the link to this month’s home page for Nano Poblano ne Team Pepper ne Little Peppers.

However, if you wish to be more sleek, more stark, more stripped down, less politically pointed, feel free to grab and post the sister version created by Fish of Gold included here up top.

Remember, as host, I’ll be dropping by that home base during November to check out the comment box, answer questions, offer suggestions and coach us up.

To join the fun, go to BlogHer and register there, too.

Prompts are here and there to inspire you to make the daily goal.

I’m not going to include any other links here because I want you to click over to the main page, put your blog url in the comment section, remember to tag your posts during the month with Nano Poblano and Team Pepper and Little Peppers (or one of them) and meet and mingle with new and exciting and excited bloggers.

Please and thank you.

Tomorrow we start.

73 thoughts on “For those of you less sarcastic potential poblanos

  1. Mark I have a couple of questions for you, yes again, keeping you on your toes more than you need i am afraid.

    If I am posting a NaBloPoMo post which has nothing to do with the continuation of the story that is going around, I presume I should not write Team Pepper on the tags? Do I however write NoPoBloMo though instead?

    Also I have no idea how to get on to the Team Pepper blog hop story thingy that is going around, is this same story going to continue until the end of the month or will you start a new one at some stage?

    Third question, should I be backlinking to somewhere on here, if so which link and for the Team Pepper or NoPoBloMo thingy or both? and should I be posting the links of my daily posts on your blog somewhere?

    OmG sorry so many questions, i can only blame it on a cold which has destroyed my brain for now πŸ˜€


  2. ‘Fraid the only challenge I’m up to doing is getting out of my nest in the morning. And if possible, I wouldn’t even rise to that one, but nature always seems to call. They finally turned the heat on in my building, after I threatened to sit in the lobby and do a “stink-in” (no showers until the heat was turned on). This morning the heat was on, so it was warm enough to take my shower without the goose bumps weighing more than I do. See? I’m easy to please. Good luck with your Poblano. I’ll stick to eating them.


  3. You are quite the Poblano Leader, Mr. B! Organizing and aiding the poblanos that are signed up and encouraging potential poblanos. My brick poblano mind considered joining this brave team but is not up for such a task. I could eat poblano peppers for a whole month no problem, writing a post…not so much. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  4. Sofa Snoozer up there and I might just be in the same boat. Happy to follow along but no way no how can I put something up daily. Consider my brilliant and insightful comments (bahahaha) to be my daily writing practice πŸ™‚ But very cool that you are hosting. Host with the Most you are. And happy halloween and have fun tonight! Do NOT stab anyone with your pitchfork.


    • Your comments are awesome contributions, Liz, you know that! πŸ™‚ Smarty you are. πŸ™‚ If you must say so yourself, and I quote, “brilliant and insightful.” Yes you are. Well said, see!

      Thanks for the compliment about my hosting role. Damn, I led into that one good, I think. πŸ™‚

      Happy Halloween, back in Minny-ha-ha. I am worried about the pitchfork, by the way.

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  5. I refrain from almost any responsibilities and ones I may not be able to follow through on, in my blogging! I just sometimes am too busy, but others it is work that exhausts me… I admire your joining forces and will cheer you on, Mark! I will definitely read your contributions, sometimes taking a bit to get on top of your prolific posts! Smiles and Happy Halloween, Mark and family!


    • Robin, I try very hard to read every one of your posts, too, but sometimes I fall behind as well. I know how busy you are with your exhausting job in the Advance Auto Parts warehouse, and admire you so much for continuing to work so hard on your blog, and caring for your grands, and your friends, and visiting your mom and family, and going out with friends and the needed date πŸ˜‰ like you do, my friend. You are welcome to be part of the game on this Nano Poblano page and pages every way you’d like. πŸ™‚ People, read Robin’s blog. She’s got a lot going on there in Delaware, Ohio.

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    • You would make such a great teammate, too, Snoozer. Click and read his amusing stories about life with boys, folks. His littlest can’t help but fill up the shopping cart with tasty sweets and hit pops with sticks in the name of martial arts and TV shows. πŸ™‚


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