Bring the football national championship trophy to the ACC road games, Commish Swofford

Four Saturdays on the road.

Four Saturdays on the road.

The idea hit me while watching defending national champion Florida State open its season by holding off Oklahoma State
37-31 Saturday night. The camera panned to a shot of the national championship trophy on the sideline. I’m pretty sure it was the tall and impressive piece that some coach and MVP will hoist over their heads at the end of this season when the winner of the first playoff crown this year’s champion.

The hardware in the stadium got me to thinking.

The trophy that Florida State owns forever, the last BCS version of the Coaches’ Trophy the Seminoles earned by beating the Auburn titles, deserves its own stadium appearances this season.

Knowing how Syracuse University has its NCAA accolades stored in its treasured trophy cases in the Manley complex, I figure Florida State has a magnificent showcase for its many heirlooms.

And this 2013 national football championship football trophy deserves its spotlight there, so long it had been in joining the others.

It's revered all over the world, Lord Stanley's Cup.

It’s revered all over the world, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But for four Saturdays this season, I’d like to suggest to ACC commissioner John Swofford that he give to the folks in Tallahassee an edict to put a little Stanley Cup into this particular trophy.

The folks who run the National Hockey League know the love for the trophy given to the playoff champion each year fosters a kindred spirit for their sport around the land. And so they allow each member of the winning organization a day with Lord Stanley’s cup to take it where he or she desires, flying it to hometowns anywhere, setting it up for community viewing or drinking champagne out of it in private it. Whatever they want. Stories are many, varied and available on Google.

I’m not asking for quite that level of accessibility, Sir Swofford.

This season, to boast a bit about the ACC being the conference that owns the national football championship, not the SEC or Big Ten or Pac 12 or Big 12 — what you power players now consider the only five, really — I’d like that trophy to sit in the lobby of the stadium for each league game the titleists play this season.

Can you take a moment to hear my idea, John Swofford? (Photo by Getty Images)

Can you take a moment to hear my idea, John Swofford? (Photo by Getty Images)

Don’t you think it would do wonders for fans?

That should be easy enough in Tallahassee, to post an athletic department worker and campus security officer and state police officer to keep the fans from getting too enthusiastic as they admire the reward of last season.

And for four away Saturdays, wouldn’t it be something for fans at the Seminoles’ ACC away games to stare at that big, shining trophy for a moment or two and dream about having one of their own someday?

Pack that baby up and put her in the lobby on ACC away Saturdays.

The Seminoles play Syracuse here in the Carrier Dome on Oct. 11. That’s my motivation, and here’s my resume. I’m a blogging generalist, not a sports blogger in particular, though in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was the sports editor of the daily newspaper here in Syracuse, and I co-wrote with noted basketball writer Mike Waters a book about Syracuse’s entry into the ACC last season. My dear wife Karen and I hold Syracuse football season tickets. And in 1979, I graduated from a university whose teams played in the ACC. OK, it was Maryland, but I hesitated in coming straight out with that what with the league exit and the resulting lawsuits …

Syracuse would be just one of four plane rides for the trophy, and it likely signifies less than a quarter of the ACC fans whose eyes might light up at their glimpse of the trophy.

Florida State, as you probably have memorized, Sir, also plays at North Carolina State on Sept. 27, at Louisville Oct. 30, and at Miami on Nov. 15. Your staff can get things moving in time to make it work, I figure. More security needs to be arranged. One rep each from the league, Florida State and the home university, may I suggest, using a bit more of that ACC TV money?

No need to reply to me directly. I didn’t send this straight to you, hoping that social media would spread its mighty wings and land it on your screen.

I’ll be able to read your answer likewise.

Here’s the link for the image of the National Championship Trophy.

Here’s the link for the image of John Swofford.

Here’s the link for the image of Stanley Cup.

Have you ever seen a national championship trophy up close, and if so, which school and what sport? Have you ever seen the Stanley Cup up close, and if so, where and with what player? What would you do with the Stanley Cup if given it for one day?

21 thoughts on “Bring the football national championship trophy to the ACC road games, Commish Swofford

  1. I loved college hockey, due to the Canadians that came down to Bowling Green, Ohio to be on the Falcons’ hockey team. I enjoy the organ music, but not the crashing and blood letting, sort of is upsetting. So, I watch the fans and the scoreboard! I am excited about your idea, Mark! Love your enthusiasm and hope it all works out the way you want it to ‘pan out!!’ I am a big football nut, have my OSU gear on, with a necklace and bracelet with a buckeye or more on them! I also like, as you, do, local high school games. I am a big fan of all Cleveland teams, even glad LeBron is back… Smiles!! Happy wishes coming true for you! Wish I could know more about the Stanley cup drink that Beth took!!


    • The crowd cheered and yelled for Pat’s Beat Duke shirt. He took it off, signed it, had Jimmy and the rest of the band sign it and threw it into the crowd. Then he took the California Bear shirt underneath that off and did the same. Class guy. But you knew that!


  2. i love the idea. it does do something for the fan base, it has a very magical impact i think, on so many levels. as for the stanely cup,it is my all time favorite trophy, an i have had a drink from it, but that is another blog for another day )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would put my cats in the Stanley Cup and take pictures for Instragram. No, really. One of them is even black and white, so I can pretend that he’s a penguin!.

    (Can’t blame me for wishing…)


    • The Stanley Cup stories are among the best in sports, Mark. My daughter, a huge hockey fan, got her picture taken with the Cup when a Colgate alum who won it in the NHL brought it back to Hamilton, N.Y., where she lives.


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