Even at 75 degrees, there’s that certain aura in Syracuse

An afternoon walk around the block in the Syracuse city neighborhood on Eastwood with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle on August 16, 2014 allowed a glimpse of change to come.

You can see them turning.

You can see them turning.

Not every tree, but every once in a while, a certain tree had that look.

Autumn is on its way to the northeast.

The leaves can't lie.

The leaves can’t lie.

The changes are starting where they always take hold first, out there on the branches. Green is losing its grip.

The vibrancy is fading.

Let's go orange.

Let’s go orange.

In some trees, the transition occurs one patch at a time, one burst of color first, one ball of contrast against the palate of conformity.

Often the renegade hangs out on the edges.

This shift is on fire.

This shift is on fire.

Others trees fall right off the cliff, changing at once, adopting a blazing hue, obtaining a brightness that attracts the attention of man and beloved rescue dog from three houses down.

This tree will soon be brown, dry, then bare.

Now, though, isn’t she a beauty in full, a sign of one season giving way to another with a shout instead of a whimper?

What are your favorite signs of summer changing to fall? What are your favorite colors of autumn leaves? When you were growing up, what art projects using leaves did you present to your parents?

43 thoughts on “Even at 75 degrees, there’s that certain aura in Syracuse

  1. I’ve noticed it here in the Valley of the Sun, too. Not that we get much in the way of color. And it is still hot during the day. But the mornings are lovely and cool. I can turn off the air conditioner at night and open my front door. Orion is gracing the sky.

    It’ll probably be hot until at least October, but some years it stays that way through to November, so I am not complaining!


  2. I miss the beautiful colored leaves so much! Here, we get green, green, green and brown. Brown is only when there’s a bad freeze. My favorite autumn project as a kid was when we would take crayon shavings and pour them on a construction paper tree and cover it with wax paper then iron it. But of course, we didn’t have real autumn leaves to craft with. πŸ™‚


  3. You know, I’ve been afraid of this very thing. It’s been so bloody cold out that I was afraid the flora and fauna were all going to be tricked into thinking it’s autumn. This morning when I got to my bus station at 5:10 I froze my ass off. It’s the middle of August, for cryin’ out loud! I want a refund.


  4. I love autumn – and here there are some changes in the north of England. Not so yet in London (but i shall look more closely now). I can’t remember doing autumn craft as a child but when I was a teacher we did leaf printing. I loved it as much as the kids.


  5. I have to admit, I’m a spring and autumn gal. I love the turtlenecks, the nip in the air, the lovely colors. And the feeling that it’s ok to hunker down by the fire and read a good book:).


  6. Mark, I clicked like because you’re a great writer with wonderful observation skills, not because summer is giving way to fall. I just felt I had to be clear about that… πŸ˜€
    Diana xo


  7. Nothing wrong with a good shout Mark. πŸ˜‰ I went to nature it’s self yesterday. There were a lot of different shades of green and a whole lotta green at that. But I’m going back when the colors are changing and bursting. My favorite time of year. I just wish it lasted longer. πŸ™‚


  8. the colors here in our piney woods have yet to show much, but the goldenrod, asters, thistles and even some repeat daisies are showing off. I notice in my paintings that I lean toward oranges and reds. Thanks for the walk around eastwood


  9. Wow, you guys are getting leaf changes? It’s early for that here (in Ottawa) and likely won’t start for another month or so. It is so odd how some trees change and others don’t until later – even if they are side by side. Or half a tree will and the other half won’t There was a tree last year that I saw regularly that the bottom half changed, dried out and went bare before the top half even started to color. It looked like male tree baldness upside down. Ha!

    I can remember collecting leaves and pressing them between pieces of waxed paper in books to save them. I can remember doing collages on bristol board but not much else. I’m sure we did more, it’s just a matter of memory.

    Thanks for the post Mark, brough back memories


    • I can’t figure out the timing or patterns either, Paul, so I just try to admire Mother’s work of art. It’s much better than my lousy attempts as a kid, with my tongue stuck out of the corner of my mouth. Leaves to paper with paste was about it for me, my friend!


  10. i’ve been feeling and noticing the same thing mark. love your shoutout to ‘orange.’ ) i love the oranges and golds the best. i love the fall leaves and love to do all kinds of projects with them, why i get my class and grands to do them with me )


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