Gopher gone, we have a lovesick dog

It used to live right here.

It used to live right here.

As we settle into the second day full day of the separation of Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and the backyard gopher, the sniffing and scratching continues.

And my beloved 3 1/2-year-old rescue mutt looks up at me with puppy dog eyes again and seems to say: Where did my furry friend go?

On Saturday, as you may recall, I thought my dear wife Karen and I had solved Ellie B’s June swoon when the varmint at last went for the fruit and vegetable in the humane trap, the spring-loaded door set down, and we drove it to its new home out of this Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Here’s that story.

Are you back there?

Are you back there?

So again this morning, just like all day yesterday, Ellie B has been sniffing under the shed. She’s been running around the shed. She’s been staring over the plywood we’ve positioned so she’s can’t trap herself in the small space at the back of the shed.

Where, oh, where, has the gopher gone, her eyes say to me as I sit in my red plastic Adirondack chair watching all of this, and telling her to snap out of it.

He was no good for you, Ellie B. Remember that last fight? He assaulted you. No father could let that happen again, ever.

Here’s my story about the gopher’s last straw.

But we only ever had two big fights, the dog’s sad eyes tell me.

Ellie B, I say. You never did anything together. You stayed all coiled up on the porch, watching him eat stuff on the lawn and teasing us with his impertinence. Most of the time, if you tried to get near him, he ran away.

Here’s my story about the big tease.

She’ll get over it, I tell myself, shaking my head.

A lovesick dog, missing a gopher that I thought she despised as much as I did.

Go figure.

Tell us about a situation that may have had immediate ramifications completely opposite of what you thought they’d be. Has your pet ever fell for another critter, and how’d you shake them out of it? What would you do to put Ellie B at ease?

66 thoughts on “Gopher gone, we have a lovesick dog

  1. This could turn into a remake of ‘The Incredible Journey’. Explain to the Pooch that you were extremely humane about the relocation of the love interest. Could have gone very badly. Have a most excellent day Mark. Thank you.


  2. That is so funny, that Ellie misses the gopher. I imagine it is a predator/prey relationship – unfortunately Ellie was never socialized to predate. Ah well, she’ll get over it. Of course you could get your pet a pet, but where does that stop? Does the pet of the pet need a pet? And so on?

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  3. well if nothing else, it was a fun game of ‘cat’ and dog for her to play. she probably misses the excitement and not knowing what each day would bring with the little varmint. like thinking of an old love, over time, you only remember the good parts )


  4. Aw Ellie B…perhaps she needs a real fur-friend, someone to pal around with, who will treat her with the kind of goodness she deserves? Yes, I am suggesting another pup. Don’t kill me. πŸ˜‰


  5. Absence makes the heart go fonder, Poor, fond Ellie B. At the same time, we’re told “out of sight is out of mind. ” Relationships are so complicated, Mark, and you did the best you could. I have faith that your lovesick one will work this out fine, in her own time.


  6. Maybe Ellie B is like a teenager, and she needs the drama and conflict to make life livable. It would be nice if you could explain to her that there is no need to search for it, but as long as she thinks it’s there, she will probably not give up finding it.


  7. I’ve dated a gopher, and I know Ellie B’s pain! (Mine was a cockeyed wrestler in high school, but STILL.) πŸ˜‰

    These photos are beyond cute. I hope she finds a new love soon.


    • I hope your Gopher treated you better than Ellie B’s did her, Jennie! A high school boy wrestler, that statement alone makes any dad cringe! πŸ™‚

      Although I am sympathetic for my dear dog, no invitations are going out to the Skunk Family, which has been known to visit our block on occasion …


  8. Poor Ellie. …my furkids could totally relate!!

    There was Mr. and Mrs. Turtle, Grumpy old Possum and a few other critters that for some reason or another they form a bound with……The turtles I can understand, I was disappointed that they didn’t stick around but they were running around the yard for days trying to find them…..not even a stuffed turtle helped the issue! Haha

    It takes time….and a few doggy treats.


    • I think one of my stops will be to PetSmart’s doggie toy aisles, Jolene, to look for a stuffed Gopher. I’d like to see if Ellie B would even make the connection! Good suggestion there. Sorry your furkids went through the turtle separation! I bet you were thinking about stowing them away when you and Teri stopped on your bike ride you just wrote about just to have new friends for your furkids!


  9. Oh, did you think this would continue to happen? Poor Ellie B!! I am a little worried about her! Take it easy and two more days until my summer laughs post comes out! Smiles, Robin


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