As those of us born in 1957 turn 57, the birthday should be special

How's this for a birthday present from son to father?

How’s this for 57th birthday present from son to father? a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

We are just about halfway through our Beddian Birthday year, those of us born in 1957.

I know a whole lot of you are considering the charm of the convergence of those numbers, just as I began to in January.

I wanted to write about the 57th birthday year for the birth year of 1957 because I knew, at the tail end of the baby boomer generation, there were a whole lot of us. I poked around, researched, wrote a story. I wondered if there was an official name for the year when your age matches the last two digits of the year you were born. Here’s my first story that reached out to you about our special year.

Then I found out it’s called your Beddian Birthday, named after a New York City firefighter who was enchanted about that phenomena. Shortly after he talked to somebody who studied numbers about it, he died in the line of duty. A reporter wrote a touching story about him in The New Yorker, and I found it online. Here’s the link to the story I wrote about that.

There’s a hunger out there for information about 57 for 1957.

Statistics from this week for, from WordPress.

Statistics from this week for, from WordPress.

Here’s a chart from WordPress on my Dashboard page for views this week for various tags I’ve given my stories. The tags I’ve put on the posts about the birth year of 1957 turning 57 is are robustly represented, even though I wrote the pieces in January in February.

So, as we hit the halfway point of 2014, I figure about half of us have celebrated that Beddian Birthday.

I’m wondering if those of you who are newbies to the age of 57 did something truly special on this once-in-a-lifetime birthday.

Note the classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air pictured above? A great son by the name of Mike King gave it to his dad, Roger King, for his 57th birthday. On Father’s Day. I found the touching story written by Jerry Bonkowski for and wanted to share the link at the end of the story below.

I know that will be a tough story to approach.

But I bet there are a lot of us who’ve done something pretty great on our birthdays the past six months.

Please click comment and share your story with all of us.

If No. 57 is coming in the next six months, and you’ve got a special party or big day planned for the event, click comment and share the anticipation with all of us.

Do not feel alone.

Spread the word to your old classmates and childhood friends.

Here’s one group that’s started up on Facebook.

I've joined.

I’ve joined.

And here’s another.

I've liked it.

I’ve liked it.

There are more than 1,000 comments and likes on those two pages.

Get the action going here.

I think it’s particularly cool for us, this Beddian Birthday, because we’re bold enough and young enough to appreciate its unique quality and significance. It happens next in 2016 for those born in 1959. They’ll turn 59. Geezers, in comparison.

Here’s the source the source for the story and photo about the 1957 car presented by Mike King to his father Roger King for dad’s 57th birthday in June. The story was written by Jerry Bonkowski for

What did you do for your 57th birthday the first half of this year? What do you have planned for your 57th birthday the second half of this year? If you already had you Beddian Birthday in years past, did you do something special to celebrate?

76 thoughts on “As those of us born in 1957 turn 57, the birthday should be special

    • I was luckey to be born in 57 with a real cool twin next to at birth an threw life. Until 2006 he ws taken from us. I think about him everydauyy an his famifamiliarity he made in life. I was luckey to know him as long as I did. Now this 57 stuff, year of the Chevy too, amd that is great too. MBorn in 57 an turned 57 in march 14th. All good!!!!!
      Ly aswas whUnti
      wad wwadwwwhUl


    • Myself and two other classmates planned a 5th grade class reunion with our teacher to boot! The kids were all born in 1957! A truly memorable way to celebrate being born in 1957 and turning 57 in 2014.


      • I skipped 8th grade so I did not graduate in 75, sadly. Pretty cool though, I will share that 57/75 with my 5th grade friends as well as my husband (4/28/57) and his best buds from kindergarten, who are still his best buds!! By the way, the Hebrew calendar year that corresponds to our beddian year, 2014 is…… Drum roll please…… 5775!!


      • Hadn’t thought about that! Most of us graduating in 1975… the reverse of 57. Pretty cool! I was also born on the 27th (of November), so another 7 in there for me.
        My wife is into astrology and she said this is supposed to be my “power” year. I sure hope so… I need some good luck!


  1. Heading towards my 40th in September, first night riding on a double decker boat and having a dinner ‘cruise’ around the Flats area on the river! It will be fun, but also nervous. I like it when the Reunion committee starts the weekend with a relaxing and open bar situation, once held at Houlihan’s and other times in Bay Village bar. I am also, heading towards my 59th birthday in November, so will have to cross the #60 bridge next year! Yikes!! Mark, I am sure that you may be amused, my second husband, Scot, had a ’57 Chevy and we took some of our little ones to the Drive In movies in that “robin’s egg blue’ car!! Smiles, Robin


    • Nice car, Robin! My 40th HS reunion is next year. Holy Crow! Can’t be, can it? I can remember the streaker we had at our graduation ceremony as if it were yesterday. Yes, true story. May, 1975, that song “The Streak” was on the radio, and somebody wearing only a brown paper grocery bag on their head ran across the stage right in front of our principal as he handed out diplomas, much to the delight of every grad and chagrin of everybody else in the crowd.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am laughing a lot here in the Pub! The seniors are getting their fixes of caffeine and sugar, while I wait for Mom to come down and eat breakfast! That Streaker is part of the times, but you were actually lucky to have had it come out that year you graduated! Did you ever find out who it was? Is he a legend or high school folk hero? I like how you wrote it delighted every grad and to the chagrin of the staff and other ones in the crowd! Smiles, Robin


  2. Mark, I learned a new word: beddian! I googled too and found some interesting math about it, if math can be called interesting that is..

    Beddia Theorem: In any odd-numbered year, there are exactly 50 pre-Beddian ages. In any even-numbered year, there are exactly 49 pre-Beddian ages. Moreover, with three exceptions, these ages consist of two separate spans. The exceptions are 1998 (or any year ending in ’98), for which the pre-Beddian ages comprise the single span 0-48, 1999 (or any year ending in ’99), for which they comprise the single span 0-49, and 2000 (or any year ending in ’00), for which they comprise the single span 1-49.

    Mark why did you say the next time this happens is in 2016 when people turn 59? Won’t it happen in 2015 when people turn 58? I was born in 63 so I hope I’m still young enough to enjoy my beddian birthday in 2026 – yikes!


    • My rudimentary mental math tells me it can only happen in even-numbered years, Diana, by anecdotal evidence. Allow me:

      I was born in 1957, and will turn 57 in 2014 (57 + 57 = 114, translates to year 2014)

      Those born in 1958 will turn 58 in 2016. (58 + 58 = 116)

      Those born in 1959 will turn 59 in 2018. (59 + 59 = 118)

      Yours: 63 + 63 = 126 translates into 2026.

      The Beddian Birthday year always occurs in an even year, is how I interpret those examples.

      Do you agree?

      Thanks for your Beddian statistics. I am so sad that Fireman Beddian died in the line of duty.

      Thanks, Diana.


  3. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to young to have celebrated this, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to celebrate my Beddian birthday. But, I have seen many stories and videos about them since I first learned of it through your post. I love the fun people are having with it.


  4. Really enjoyed your article. Today I am celebrating my 57th year. I always knew there was something special about being born in 1957. Now I know. In January this year I had triple bypass surgery. It went very well and I had an amazing recovery. Very grateful to have made it to 57 and look forward to many more years, but will enjoy living in the moment for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy 57th birthday, Charline. I am honored to have you read my story on your special day!

      I am so glad to hear that this is the year you had the strength to work through a triple bypass surgery.

      I believe you are right. Here is to living for the moment, for years to come.

      Cheers, Charline.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This sounds like a cool group to be apart of! Mer and I will have to remind each other of this when it’s our turn. I hope I’m healthy enough to hustle and/or electric slide when I turn 75 for my BB. Glad you’re having a great year so far Mark!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very cool indeed! Has your daughter read this post so she can start shopping for your birthday car? Ever since I’ve known you, your Those of Us Born in 1957… post has stayed among the three that show up in the email I get that says you have commented on one of my posts. Some people’s 3 titles change constantly, and others stay the same. I don’t know how WordPress regulates this, but I thought you might like to know to add to your data. This is a great post! πŸ˜€


    • The fact that every day another 100 people find it through search engines is one of the reasons why I know it’s struck a chord out there, Rachel. Let’s make a big deal out of it again your BB year, too, OK? I’m in for you.


      • LOL! If I’m blogging when I reach 69, I’ll hoop it up. My birth mom was born in 1950. The year she turned 60, I had planned to throw her a “Back to the 50s” party, representing THE 1950s and HER 50s. It was probably gong to be a fun party, but it never happened. At any rate, I’m all about fun on the birthdays! πŸ™‚


  7. Mine is in September (Yep I was born under the sign of ‘The Virgin’ go figure)
    ’57 eh? I am very surprised to have made it thus far.
    Do I have anything planned?
    Great post Mark (and thanks for reminding me I am on the back-side of fifty)

    I actually wrote a little song about this, sung to ‘Backside of Thirty’ by John Conlee (Just Lance being stupid)


    Making money at fifty with a life and a gun
    Then a short five years later it all comes undone
    He’s gone back to Crawford, no money for us
    Now I’m wine drunk and fumin’, all contracts are bust

    I’m on the backside of fifty and back on my own
    An empty mil-contract don’t feel like a home
    On the backside of fifty, the short side of time
    They found me the best, the best of all-time,
    But now I’m not news, yet no child left behind

    But it’s dawn Monday morning and I can’t find no job
    I want to meet Assad, but he’s just not home
    And when my friends tell me, β€˜You did your best,’
    I’ll tell them I’m good, but I just can not rest.

    America is good, on this we agree,
    But what of the ones who gave life for free?
    We worked all the contracts
    We did all our best
    But the politics screwed us
    God Save All The Rest.


  8. This is so interesting, Mark! I learn so much from your posts. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed people’s comments on this as well. Thank goodness you explained the math to Diana because I’m a 1963 baby as well and now I get to look forward to 2026!!! Happy BB to you!! πŸ™‚


  9. I had my Beddian Birthday June 1st this year! I did something special for myself, day spa and stayed overnight alone in Southport, NC. Rented a bike and rode all around and enjoyed my 57th immensely! I hope your 57th is as nice as mine was!


  10. I attended my son’s wedding in Hong Kong on my Beddian Birthday. I wore the traditional silk embroidered mother-in-law dress and participated in the tea ceremony. I was surprised with a beautiful cake, traditional Chinese steamed rolls and champagne. The day was truly amazing, one I will never forget. I think I will buy myself something fun and special every month to finish off my birthday celebration.


    • Now that’s a magnificent Beddian Birthday celebration, Amy. I wish you the best as you continue the festivities throughout our once-in-a-lifetime year! I am so looking forward to my 57/57!


  11. August 29,1957….5:33 pm,Buffalo General Hospital, New York. August 29,2014, my Beddian birthday. Started a juice cleanse seven days ago and began the finale… A liver “flush” yesterday….feeling a tad guilty about all the guilty pleasures I have imbibed in during the last four decades!! Wish me luck. I have many more exciting things planned now that I know this is such a special year!!!


  12. August 29,1957. My birthday… Very first…
    To celebrate my beddian birthday I am doing a juice detox, liver flush.
    Lol. Time to rid myself physically of the guilty pleasures I have imbibed in over the last four decades!!!! I hear that the results are most amazing.


  13. I’m going to Australia for my Beddian Birthday. And, quite by accident, I’ll be flying home ON my birthday — which means crossing the International Date line — which means my birthday will be something like 40 hours long instead of 24 — WooHoo!!!


  14. I sure hope this year brings me some better luck. Born in 1957, I’ll be 57 on November27th (so another 7 in there, too). Last year really, really sucked. I fell and was in a coma for five weeks, so I lost part of that year… Please 57, bring this old boy some good fortune this year!


    • Wow, Nicholas, I’m sorry to here about your bad luck in your 56th year. I hope you have nothing but good luck the year of our Beddian Birthday, sir. Happy No. 57 to you non Nov. 57, my friend of birth year 1957.


      • Thanks for the good wishes, Mark. Hope so for you also and all us 57 classics. We’ve seen it all in our 56-57 years for sure. Never imagined the technology nowadays. If you’d told me I could own all my favorite movies from back when I was a kid, I’d never have believed it.


  15. My best friend and I share a mutual birthday – both born Dec. 3, 1957. We met wearing identical outfits in 1982 and have celebrated every mutual birthday together since then. We celebrated our Beddian Birthday by going to Paris for a week.


  16. I’m about to leave my Beddian year behind — I’m about to turn 59. Feels a little sad to be ending it. But maybe it’s a good thing it’s over. Beddia died in his Beddian year. If we consider it a cool penomenom, maybe it should have a cool celebratory name like a golden birthday does.

    By the way, a number added to itself is always even.


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