The wager is all even as Lobstein does that and more

Kyle Lobstein warms up Friday night in Syracuse.

Kyle Lobstein warms up Friday night in Syracuse. Don’t say I didn’t do something nice for you during the bet, Beth.

The great, big bloggers baseball wager is all tied up.

And I saw Syracuse fall to Toledo right before my very eyes Friday night.


Mud Hens pitcher Kyle Lobstein had a startling fastball when you compared it to his back-breakingly slow change-up. Lob-stein indeed. Third baseman Mike Hessman clouted a homer over the deepest part of the center-field fence. Three Hens singled to plate a run in the seventh. Enough runs and ’nuff said on a dark and rainy night in Syracuse’s NBT Bank Stadium.


The best-of-eight wagering series between me and Beth of Ann Arbor, author of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On, is tied 1-1.

Night, Chiefs fall.

Night, Chiefs fall.

It’s a dark night outside NBT Bank Stadium.

The Syracuse half of the eight-game Chiefs-vs.-Mud Hens blood match continues today. The four games in Toledo are the second week of May. The loser of the wager … You’ll see on our blogs after the eight games.

20 thoughts on “The wager is all even as Lobstein does that and more

  1. Glad I read this after I read the one where ‘my’ team is up in the wager! I’ll not be one of those fair weather fans anyway. I’ll cheer them right through to the next game!!!!


  2. Fun, friendly competition! I have a nephew who was drafted in the second round by the Tigers last year and is playing for one of their leagues in West Michigan. He played for Vanderbilt prior to being drafted. It’s been fun following him and we of course, hope he will do well and go pro. 🙂


      • ‘Toledo’s Mike Hessman took another step closer to the history books on Friday night as his homer helped lift the Hens past Syracuse 2-1.’ just saying………


      • and just remember when ordonez got sent down to toledo for a bit of rehab and attitude adjustment, and he hit a ball that knocked an 18 year old boy in the stands out cold, with one of his homers there. just saying….


      • not good for the boy in the stands who ‘caught’ his ball, but the crowd all cheered as he returned to the stands and fine after a once over from the medics, and i’m just saying, our hitters have some power even they find themselves south of detroit at times…


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