Business wear suits you perfectly, young Linus

You've got the job, Linus.

You’ve got the job, Linus.

Our friend Judy held up her iPhone this morning to show off the picture of her nephew Linus.

The dozen-plus of us at breakfast to talk about our next group cruise collectively put down our silverware.

I clapped and exclaimed: “Send that picture to my Facebook page, please, Judy.”

Yes, young Linus was really dressed in suit and tie by his parents. It is not the wonder of photo-shop or any app.

And, yes, Judy said it was fine and dandy to give young Linus an unpaid international modeling gig right here on

After all, he is all dressed up for a job interview.

Have you ever dressed your child up for a photo session? Were you ever dressed up for a photo session by your parents? What is the best, worst, or most unique child photograph you’ve ever seen?

49 thoughts on “Business wear suits you perfectly, young Linus

  1. Being as I am a professional photographer, I will abstain from answering your questions because I have an unfair advantage. However, in my professional opinion… Linus is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Oh so cute and very serious looking! He looks like a future scientist or inventor. I love the name of Linus, due to the “Peanuts” comic strip! He may take after his ‘namesake’ and become a fine musician who loves Beethoven!
    I was a funny mom who bought unisex clothes, so my oldest daughter wore farmer’s plaid shirts and overalls, then when she could have her ‘say,’ she chose dresses, dresses… and even still, will wear a hippie dress or skirt and blouse to places! I have a son who was raised on dark shirts and solid colors, he is funny by wearing a pink striped or yellow and turquoise striped shirt with blue jeans. This made me laugh, how parents may ‘feel in control’ while their child is young, but allowing them to express themselves can bring such changes and interesting choices!


  3. I love the little man’s expression. Spot on.

    My older step daughters took an outfit off of a Teddy Runyon or some other farmer attired bear and put it on my youngest. And we’ve dressed a few babies up in the day…… it’s just funny! πŸ™‚


  4. omg, i love this and would hire linus in a second! yes, i will admit to dressing up my daughters in various things, and now it’s onto the grandies !


  5. I think he could get a job tomorrow based on his business attire alone Mark. Possibly could use a bit of tailoring though, maybe a tuck in at the collar. I’m just wondering how they got him to sit still long enough to dress him like that. My kids fought like tigers when I just put soft outfits on them. Dressing them up sounded like I was abusing them in some horrid manner, which I suppose in their baby minds, I was.


  6. Incredibly cute, but I wonder how comfortable he is. I might be projecting, here, with my current ambivalence about business wear. I have some photos of my son, very young, wearing formal-lish wear, which are, I must say, quite adorable. But he’s not exactly smiling, either.


  7. I don’t know what I’m more impressed by – the great job Linus’s parents did, dressing him up, or the fact that you have a dozen friends you can go on a group cruise with!

    I’m so jealous. Well, besides the fact that I get seasick, I don’t have 12 friends! At least not 12 that I would go on a cruise with!

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    • OK, get ready for this, Samara. There are 20 going this time!

      It is a fun group. I must confess to you that I married into it. Karen had gone twice with the group before we started dating.

      And, to make you start looking for cruise buddies: I used to get wicked seasick, but the use of a dramamine patch has cured me of it even on very rough seas!


      • TWENTY???

        I don’t even KNOW 20 people!

        I take dramamine, but I still don’t like boats. I also get car sick and plane sick, so traveling is pretty much a nightmare.

        I do it. I just throw up a lot.

        Can’t wait to hear all about the cruise!


      • I absolutely fear boats, Samara.

        But you cruise on a ship. Big difference. Trust me on this one.

        I get car sick and train sick if I’m not facing forward, so I relate to your upchuckedness.

        Cruise is in mid-September. Key West is one of the ports. I proclaimed today that I am going to pretend that I am Hemingway … on a drinking day to get ready for a writing day.


  8. “But I don’t want the family business dad, I’m shaking the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world!!!” Linus quoting George Bailey. It’s gonna be okay Linus, it’s a wonderful life little boy. Don’t you worry! xoxo


  9. Thanks Mark this is great fun, and even though I have no children to dress, it reminds me of my youth… My father used to take us as a family to the city hall to attend symphony performed by the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra. My mother designed and made for me a small black suit, white shirt and black tie which I wore (i was about 5 years old), i think I quite enjoyed the occasions, but don’t remember much about the music, but do remember that I found the suit very scratchy! I remember the last concert we attended, it was on New Years eve, and after much music and merriment, the conductor turned round and asked all to stand. I found this rather unusual, but did it. Then every body started to sing a song I had never heard (this was of course Auld Langseyn?-spelling). I could not follow the words so sang as loudly as I could, what I thought they were singing, and I sang ” you kick the old man up the eye.” Maybe my father heard, as this was the last time for many years that we went to symphony as a family. Thanks for following and liking my blog


    • That is a great memory from the Cape Town Symphony! Maybe your dad just knew you didn’t like your itchy suit!! Glad you dropped by to share the story after you saw Linus all dressed up.


  10. That’s the perfect expression!

    I never made the kid dress up for pictures, but his stepmother did, including clip-on tie. I liked pictures of him more in his element, casual and laid back.

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    • In my book, I always rebelled against clip-on ties. I wanted the real deal behind the collar of my shirt, even at a young age. I remember my father tying it around his neck loosely, slipping it off, slipping it on me, and then pulling it tight.

      And, yes, Sheena, Linus did give us the perfect expression!


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