Our flowering Robinson crabapple grows up in spring two

The buds reaching into the sky prove that winter was survived.

The buds reaching into the sky prove that winter was survived.

Our front yard Robinson flowering crabapple survived its first winter in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

The snow, the cold, the wind, the snow, the snow, the cold … our little beauty is entering its second growing season with us in good health.

I see the buds to prove it. Lots of bus, from down low to the top of this 12-foot, soon-to-be-blushing beauty.

As it grows taller, I stand prouder of the tree that my dear wife Karen and I planted in the middle of our front lawn early last May.

Here’s what I wrote about last year’s first flowering after we put her in the ground following our adventurous little trip up the road from Lowes with the top sticking out the passenger side window.

Do you walk around your yard and take stock of the progress of your favorite plants, bushes and trees? What is your best garden buddy?

33 thoughts on “Our flowering Robinson crabapple grows up in spring two

  1. No, I rent, so I covet my neighbor’s lovely loquat tree and I also envy my more Northern friends’ apple and peach trees. Meanwhile, I get frustrated cleaning up the mess my Oak leaves on the lawn and in the gutters. 🙂


  2. I love apple blossoms when the tree is full–it looks so ethereal! Thanks for reminding us to look around at all the beauty, Mark. So easy to forget. 🙂


  3. That is so delicate and lovely, it’s just so peaceful. It’s terribly cloudy and windy, so it wasn’t a good day for photos. We have 72 hours worth of potentially damaging weather on the way, so knowing what the wind may do, I did walk around and enjoy a few pretty things.


    • I hope you make it through the rough 72, PLGCM. It was rainy here this afternoon, too. I tried to walk the dog but she didn’t want to continue because it was raining too hard for her. She didn’t have a jacket with a hood like I did …


  4. I moved away from a yard that I had planted many trees and many plants in. Broke my heart. Haven’t really been able to get in to it again…..but I do remember that feeling every year…. The trees were a little taller. The plants fuller. The yard so beautiful. 🙂


  5. yay, isn’t that exciting to see ?! i love walking around the yard to check the return of things, gives me assurance that summer is coming. i planted 120 daffodil bulbs last fall and was worried the woodland creature crew ate them, but finally see some of them up )


  6. So glad it is really thriving, Mark! I saw an interesting, but sad, report of a winery up north, along Lake Erie, where there vines are black! They froze! The owner/grower was telling news reporters that it would not revive this year! I liked my last house, where we bought a few flowering trees from Lowes! They seem to have a pretty good nursery.


  7. I love walking around my father’s yard. Brings back such awesome memories of family. We are big believers in transporting flowers, bushes and such from each other’s yards. Like having a piece of each other nearby which holds a cleaver or loving memory.
    Now I need a trip home to the midwest. Miss those peeps of mine.
    Have a super day!


    • We went to our favorite local nursery this afternoon, Audrey. I will write about it for my Wednesday waer.org community blog. There’s a teaser for you!

      I love your family tradition of transporting flowers. One of our butterfly bushes here in Syracuse came from one sprig of a white butterfly bush transported from my sister Fran’s backyard on Long Island. That makes it so special.

      I hope you get a visit with the Midwest peeps of yours soon.


  8. Was thinking about you and your bride. I remembered you mentioned outlet shopping……you like a bargain like I do !!! Glad you saw this. . . Thanks. Big weekend smiles. . . . .


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