Throwback Thursday: After a round with Shaudy, Aggo and Twenty

Shaudy, me, Aggo and Twenty, circa mid-'90s.

Shaudy, me, Aggo and Twenty, circa mid-’90s.

Damn, I miss these guys.

A month back, I laid out the timeline through my life of nicknames, and Aggo, Twenty and Shaudy all made major appearances.

How could they not?

I’ve known Mike Agostino since we both were in the eighth grade. And that would have been in 1970. He and I only went to junior high, high school, junior college and college together. And then I hired to him to work on my staff at the Syracuse daily when I was sports editor in the 1980s.

I’ve known Greg Ten Eyck since we met in junior college in 1975, and two years later he, Aggo and I all transferred from Morrisville to Maryland, where we shared an apartment.

I’ve known Steve Michaud since he visited his high school buddy Twenty at Morrisville in 1977, and then we all lived in the same house after Twenty and i graduated from Maryland in 1979.

This Throwback Thursday picture captures a lot of years of friendship.

Here we are smiling after a round in the mid-1990s. Yes, a round of golf at Colgate University’s Seven Oaks Golf Course, but in all likelihood, a round or two of beer, too, as we are standing on my backyard deck when I lived in Morrisville, N.Y. I remember it was one heck of a barbecue, too.

I’ve played golf with Twenty and Shaudy since then, a decade after that, when Shaudy drove from his home up in Massena so we could drive down to Maryland to visit Twenty. We played a course that recreated the most famous holes in golf. I remember that I parred the par-three replica of Amen’s Corner from Augusta National, and hit it on the green on the replica of the famous island-green par three at the Players Championship in Sawgrass.

I’ve played golf with Aggo since then. Me and Kingpin — he shows up in my nickname story, too, but I must add that Mark Libbon and I still play golf together now, numerous times every summer in Syracuse — drove down to Shawnee, Pa., a couple of years ago to partake in a three-day golf outing with Aggo’s golfing buddies from Long Island. The resort was gorgeous and the 27 holes on the grounds that bordered the Delaware River were well-kept and challenging. The temperatures neared 100 those June days, but we sweated through every round.

Talk about a throwback. Bobby Darin took a song from the 1927 'Three-Penny Opera.'  (From

Talk about a throwback. Bobby Darin took a song from the 1927 ‘Three-Penny Opera.’ (From

One night I snuck off to the bar on the edge of the resort to sing karaoke. I delivered my go-to song, “Mack the Knife.” The bar was full of young folks, and I introduced my Bobby Darin oldie by declaring: “Here’s a song from the days that your grandparents roamed the bars.” KP got my song on his iPhone. He played it while all of us sat around a table after the next day’s round. Fred said, “I’d buy that.” Vic said, “You’re not really singing.” Aggo laughed at both comments.

Memorable occasions, these get-togethers were.

But I have not played one round together with Aggo, Twenty and Shaudy since this picture was taken two decades ago.

This Kodak moment seems like yesterday. It also seems like a lifetime ago.

Here’s the source for the Bobby Darin album cover photo.

Is there a group you wish could get back together to share a special activity you all enjoyed together? How much do you stay in contact with your high school or college friends? Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

37 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: After a round with Shaudy, Aggo and Twenty

  1. It’s amazing how great moments feel just like they happened last week, but that is until you take time into consideration. I hope you get to get a round in with those guys one of these days… weeks.. months…

    That picture was taken two decades ago? You age well and do not look much different, my friend.


  2. Well, I wish you would have added a video of you doing Bobby Darrin on here. But when I get to Syracuse, you’ll have to point me to the karaoke bar so I can see it live. Maybe you and Karen will do a duet? 🙂 Now about the photo… It’s a great photo… It’s one of those that the four of you should be recreating every 10 years. But I do have to wonder why Shaudy has on a jacket and the rest of you are in short sleeves. 😀

    By the way, I have a little bone to pick with you! After talking with you about your Cheesecake Factory disaster just yesterday, last night, I went out with my sister and my son to celebrate something I’m waiting just a bit longer to announce. The good news was mine, yet MY meal was the one that was messed up and had to be sent back while they ate theirs. LOL! As I sat there watching them eat, I thought of your blog post the entire time. LOL! 🙂


    • I am more of a karaoke singer than Karen, so we haven’t done a duet, Rachel. I would never make her do that when she prefers not.

      Kingpin told me that the phone he had my singing sensation (?) video stored on died and took my future glory with it. Ha!

      I hope to hear your good news soon, and you need to go back and have a great meal because, hey, it’s you!


  3. This would be a fun group to hang with, unfortunately I am not a golfer or a guy! But when guys who are friends for a long time get together, you know there will be fun times ahead! Great way to also mention Bobby Darin and memories. I have been quite nostalgic and music seems to take us both back in time… Take care and have a fantastic weekend, Mark! I cannot wait to hear more about your group of friends!


  4. Nice trip down memory lane. It’s interesting to look back and see which people played different parts in the seasons of our lives. Did you snap your fingers while you sang “Mack the Knife”?


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