On Thursdays, I snark about film news

Two film pieces a week for the Syracuse New Times.

Two film pieces a week for the Syracuse New Times.

The Syracuse New Times unveiled its new page design style earlier this month.

And editor Larry Dietrich decided he wanted me to take a different approach for my Thursday film blog to help punch up the page dedicated to the big screen.

Goodbye weekend movie advances.

Hello me commenting about things I find odd and interesting.

A couple items a week fills the newsprint hole saved for this feature. Yesterday’s edition of the alternative weekly included my review of “Heaven Is for Real,” which came out Monday, and items that I turned in last week. Online first, in otherwords.

I’ll dig hard to find really good stuff. Today’s SNT blog features some Mark snark about Peeps and It’s a Small World.

If you want to read my take on Peeps and Disney rides coming to the big screen on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


12 thoughts on “On Thursdays, I snark about film news

  1. I’m such a kid. I melt every time I hear that song. Disney is definitely magical, and it we all do live in a small world.

    It would be terrifying if all the dolls of the ride did come to life and reign terror throughout the park, Florida, and then the nation. Chucky times… yeesh. Don’t want to think about that.

    Great post, Mark.


  2. Oh, I like the idea of peeps and also, that you can be a little ‘snarky’ and get away with it! It may turn out to be kind of fun, don’t you think? You did a great job of reviewing the Heaven movie, by the way!


  3. “Still. What a blow to the imagination. Talk about taking the fun out of having little Joey and Jamal turning their Peeps into an art class project. All the good diorama ideas about dinosaurs and autobots will be hijacked by the movie-makers. Now they’ll just have to eat every single Peep, and that can’t be good for anybody.”

    Mark. Mark! MARK! I loved this review. (It was a review, yes?)
    Do NOT get me started on Disney.
    (Really; trust me on this.)
    I am probably missing the nuances here. (Should go back and re-read),
    But. I loved it.
    And the video?!
    Loved that.

    Here is some trivia for ya:
    In the form of a Jeopardy answer:

    “Baby Jesus, Mickey Mouse, And Santa Claus.”


    “Alex, ‘The Holy American Trinity'”
    “You just won the Daily Double!”
    *and the crowd went wild*


  4. I liked the article Mark. Has a friendly humorous voice to it. Bright and funny. Allow me to pitch to Disney, It’s a small world with international peeps perhaps?


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