First color in our yard beats the return of snow

Hello, flowers, welcome to Syracuse

Hello, flowers, welcome to Syracuse

It’s been awhile coming this spring. With the winter we’ve had here in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, it’s seemed like forever.

Flower power arrived yesterday.

We received the first burst of color. It came from the plant above, the one that we thought was from a tulip bulb that Karen missed when she was digging up that little corner of the front yard garden.

It’s not. We don’t know what it is. Karen doesn’t recall putting a new bulb there.

Welcome, regardless.

There's a touch of yellow from the forsythia.

There’s a touch of yellow from the forsythia.

The forsythia in the main front garden has pushed out a touch of yellow.

It’s gotten taller and wider, but that’s not a lot of flowering yet compared to last year.

Green trying, from the peony.

Green trying, from the peony.

The peony is just beginning to push up some green shoots.

It’s hard for me to reckon that this plant starts anew each year and grows so big and plush. You’ll get a show later when it blooms so magnificently.

Red eventually from the azalea.

Red eventually from the azalea.

The azalea is welcoming green leaves down low.

This bush has widened considerably.

The small, red flowers will make a subtle statement.

They all will have to battle the snow forecast for later today, of course.

Get ready, garden.

30 thoughts on “First color in our yard beats the return of snow

  1. I loved the pretty little pink flowers that resemble hyacinths…not sure if they are a variation of them? Maybe look them up and see if I have the correct name for these. I liked the full moon during the day and also, this weekend in the evening! It didn’t seem like a pink moon or a worm moon either… I have forgotten what it is called this month! I love the way the forsythia just glows yellow, it is on its way in your yard, along with the other sprouting blooms! Smiles, Robin


  2. I don’t mind winter when it’s winter. But it’s a little glutenous when it crosses over and intrudes rudely on spring. I’m glad your spring is starting to spring. Colors in the yard are so energizing this time of year!


  3. Hope the garden is holding it’s own against any snow. I think the un-known bulb looks like a hyacinth. But I am not an expert at naming bulbs! Does it have a scent? If it does then i think it’s a hyacinth. (But maybe you don’t want to bury your nose in the soil/snow?


  4. Mulched just before the snow hit:). For once, was a bit ahead of Mother Nature . . . who I think is going through menopause. Crazy and cranky lately! (Her, not me:)).


  5. Forsythia–that sounds like a good name for a little girl. Although it reminds me of John Forsythe, who–although handsome–would not make a pretty girl. He did, however, die in April, which is where we are now, watching Forsythia bloom.


  6. Mark, it snowed here in Cleveland overnight. But it’s coming, I can feel it. This too shall pass. Yay for flower power!


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