Do you suffer from a broken bracket picker?

Thought I was getting into a pool and fell into the bottom of a well instead. (Photo pubic domain)

Thought I was getting into a pool and fell into the bottom of a well instead. (Photo pubic domain)

The Monday after the first frantic weekend of the NCAA Tournament has arrived. Filling out your bracket last week you envisioned a puffed-out chest as you boasted about how brilliant your picks were.

Oh, you’d brag at work for sure, each and every time the subject of the tournament came up.

You’d quickly volunteer how you’ve still got an exact elite eight remaining to anybody who’s wearing sports-team-themed clothing in the store.

You’d be firing out witty declarations on your social media accounts.

Admit it. No matter how much modesty you publicly display before the first ball goes up, inside you’re dreaming that this will be your year.

So today I must declare:

My picker is broken again.

There will be no crowing from me.

I may wear dark glasses in public.

Out of 298 brackets in my usual bracket pool, I stand in 218th place. Out of 48 games, I have 30 correct choices. I had eight of the Sweet Sixteen teams right.

I did pick a couple of good upsets in round one: Harvard over Cincinnati and Stephen F. Austin over VCU. Mostly, though, I was left shaking my head as my selections went down. Upset picks did not pan out with New Mexico State, North Carolina State and Arizona State. Favored choices fell with a thud with Ohio State, Duke, Syracuse, Wichita State, North Carolina …

Yup. Broken picker.

Looking ahead, I can end up with six of of the Elite Eight. I may end up with three of the Final Four. My final game pairing of Florida beating Arizona is still alive.

I am not holding my breath. That sort of thing hurts worse with a broken picker.

My splash came at the bottom of the water well. Lassie, go get help, girl.

At least I can look up and see my dear wife Karen closer to the daylight. She’s in 77th place today, with 33 games correctly selected.

Here is the source for the well photo.

What are your best and worst picks of this year’s tournament? Who are you rooting for now?

31 thoughts on “Do you suffer from a broken bracket picker?

  1. Not surprised you like that Italian train…pretty darn special ! Are you going to write on the football players union story and what you think etc? You are my sports expert, you know….oops…guru….Marco !


    • Maybe I should, Anne. I’ll give you my short version here, straight from the mouth of Marco: I think all athletes on varsity sports teams in college should, in addition to their scholarship grant, be paid the same hourly wage that work study students get for toiling in the cafeteria, library, etc. Count the hours the players practice and participate on game days and pay then nine bucks an hour or whatever the university rate is. And no more than that.


      • :Marco, that is brilliant…fair and appropriate. Professor said..”They are getting a free education.” which is true but somehow doesn’t seem enough for all their effort and the money done for to schools. Do you think they should be in a union? Write about this ….you can put some writer bs in to make it longer. . . 😎 You are the best! ( And way more interesting than boring golf…..right in the running with baseball for the’ boringest’ sport ever! 😎


  2. Still don’t pay that much attention to the games, but I’m with Christopher about Louisville losing. Here in Kentucky the official color of our blood is Wildcat Blue, and Pitino is a sniveling sellout, down with the Cards, and GO CATS. Other than that, as long as UK makes the Final Four, it’s okay. Inconsistent this year, but always a chance. And I don’t have a bracket, except the ones that hold a shelf on the wall.


  3. Regardless of my scorched wooden bracket… it went up in flames, not literally, the other day… it’s been quite an interesting tournament to say the least. Anything can happen still, and I’m excited to see what is in store.

    However, I do want Louisville to lose.


  4. here in ‘non-bracket’ land i am feeling left out. But if I were taking part i know I would be picking teams randomly based on how much i liked their names rather than by using any sport know-how!


  5. aw sorry for both of you, and i forgot to tell you sorry for your (orange) loss. i have 10 out of the 16, so not bad in my eyes. i still pick az to go all the way. )


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