‘Divergent’ stars work well together, even in a chatty theater

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

I liked the tension in ‘Divergent.’ Stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James work well together as Dauntless faction student and teacher in a Chicago were separation is the only way to live.

I didn’t much like the noise level in the row of the crowded matinee theater in which sat my dear wife Karen and I.

Some people had read the books by Veronica Roth going in, and wanted to share that knowledge before things happened on screen. That stinks.

And there were the loud chewers of popcorn and gum.

I managed to concentrate my way through the distractions.

If you’d like to read my entire review on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


What’s worse in a darkened theater, talking about the plot or chewing like a cow?

28 thoughts on “‘Divergent’ stars work well together, even in a chatty theater

  1. Too bad about the chatterers and also, the way it makes you want to leave in the middle of the movie. Too bad about the gum cracking person! Maybe it was out of nervousness? I wish they hadn’t spoiled it for you. Glad of your time to share the movie, it sounds like I will see it, but maybe on redbox. I have so many I want to see yet! Smiles, Robin


      • Thanks, Mark. I have been watching a few from the library and just put myself on a wait list for that James Gandolfini movie with Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Shoot, I know there is a letter misspelled in there! Anyway, it was one of his last and is supposed to be romantic comedy. Have you seen this one? I will check back tomorrow. Gotta go eat dinner… Priorities! Smiles, Robin


      • I haven’t seen ‘Enough Said,’ Robin, but I hope to when it gets on cable. I want to see Gandolfini one more time. And Louis Dreyfuss is a queen of comedy, as far as I’m concerned. Cool!


  2. I’m crawling out from under my rock to admit I had not heard of these books or movie until the past week. (I don’t know how to draw a sheepish face here….feel free to imagine one.)


  3. Plot spoilers are a pain. You paid for your tickets, not a blow-by-blow description and analysis of the movie. Wait till after the show to discuss it. Years ago, I said as much to some folks behind us once.

    I wouldn’t do that today. Here, in Florida, some former cop shot and killed a man who was texting during the movie previews. Ironically, the man had been texting himself just a few moments before. (The shooter, by the way, is trying to claim “Stand Your Ground” for the shooting. He said he felt threatened because the other man threw something at him. It was popcorn.) Crazy!


  4. That really stinks! Speaking of bad movie goer etiquette, two women got stuck up by knife point at a local theater during a matinee a year or two ago. Isn’t that terrible?


  5. i kind of expect there will be some of all of that going on when i’m at a matinee, but that being said, the ones who reveal things are the ones who bother me the most. nice review, though not really my cup of tea, i saw the first hunger games to make my friend’s son happy, and enjoyed it, but i kind of have the same feeling, i had no need to see the others ) i am looking forward to jason bateman’s spelling film and as you know, hotel b )


    • Yes, the plot spoilers are the worst, Beth. I watched ‘Hunger Games’ on NetFlix because I could. And it was OK, like you said. I will be on the lookout for Jason Batemen and Hotel B.


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