Miranda Sings promotes a beautiful comedy hook

A walk-stopping show tease outside of Funny Bone comedy club in Syracuse, N.Y.

A walk-stopping show tease outside of Funny Bone comedy club in Syracuse, N.Y.

The poster for Miranda Sings literally stopped me dead.

I had to gawk.

I had to circle.

I had to snap the picture outside the Funny Bone comedy club in Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

Nobody said standup comics have to be among the most gorgeous among us, right, Roseanne?

But, oh, that posed face on Miranda Sings. The tilt of the head. The arch of the eyebrows. The “oh” on the mouth. The red on the lips.

This is a woman who knows how to mug for the camera.

And lots of people are watching, as I discovered on my Google venture upon returning home. Miranda Sings, I see, has become quite the YouTube sensation, the kind of comic act that earns millions of views by posting clips of her bits on her own channels.

Miranda sings, over the top. Miranda models like a hack. Miranda rates on her haters. Miranda reads fan mail, from her “Mirfandas.” Miranda makes fun of people who think the world needs to see their extremely shallow pool of talent.

Miranda Sings is a hoot.

Comic Colleen Ballinger created Miranda Sings in 2008.

Miranda Sings is a phenomena that makes me think, Where Have I Been?

Her Syracuse stop is April 4 at Funny Bone, a place I’ve yet to venture in Destiny USA. It looks very, very new and sparkling.

It may be time to see a comedy show here.

It may be time to see a comedy show here.

I’m used to smaller, older, cramped comedy clubs. One show I attended a decade or so ago was in a half-offed mid-line hotel banquet room. The last time I went to the now-closed Wise Guys Comedy Club here, my dear wife Karen and I were jammed with a hundred others into the basement of a downtown joint, where you could still hear the bustling bar and clinking of plates from the restaurant above. The headliner got annoyed at a couple of talking show-goers and ranted at them for too long. It was not funny. We squirmed.

Perhaps it is time for a new experience.

Do you find yourself discovering new-media pop phenomena midway through the star cycle? Do you go to live comedy shows? Who’s your favorite comic these days?

24 thoughts on “Miranda Sings promotes a beautiful comedy hook

  1. I love comedy. But I don’t go to clubs. Why is it there is so much to love and do and not enough time to do it!!!! I don’t have a favorite ….I just love anyone that makes me laugh in a non hurting others way. I don’t mind being taught a lesson or two through humor either. Someone tells me something is funny I check it out. So…here I go. 🙂 Thanks!


  2. I like Mindy Kaling and Wanda Sykes for stand-up female comedy skits. I have always admired a wide variety of comediennes (and comics!) I would enjoy this live show, I think, with Miranda Sings, otherwise known as Colleen Ballinger. Thanks and I will keep an eye on our funny bone comedy club, Mark!


  3. She is hysterical. I would definitely go to see her perform. I think I saw a Christopher Titus promo at Funny Bone last month, and seeing him would be great. However, didn’t Jim Gaffigan come to Syracuse not too long ago? I’d see him in a heartbeat.


  4. I know nothing of Miranda. I cannot get past that mouth. That mouth is something else. Haven’t been to a comedy club since the 90s, seeing Mitch Hedberg, funny then and now dead. As we age, we cannot tolerate the cussing, so the hub and I prefer clean acts like Jim Gaffigan. Although I still think Chris Rock can preach a lot of truth.


      • They were fine in my 20s. I had no issues with it then. My best friend and I would stay up late to watch Eddie Murphy Raw and Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor and George Carlin on HBO. I just cringe more as I age. I still don’t have a very clean mouth, but I’m trying. 🙂


      • I hate gratuitous f-bombing in music lyrics, too, Ketbey. It’s an odd thing. Sometimes the swearing seems natural and correct. Other times it sticks out like a sore thumb. I guess it’s more me than the swearer.


  5. The poster alone is entertainment! Funny. We saw Norm MacDonald in Lake Tahoe. He was a riot. And clearly drunk. Not sure if we were laughing at or with on that one.


  6. yes, i love live comedy and go as often as i can. just as you described in your earlier experience, our local club is jammed into the basement below a restaurant, though they are moving to an upstairs location this summer. i kind of like that most comedians at least mention how they know they’ve ‘really hit the big time, now that they are working in a basement in ann arbor, michigan.) one year, my oldest daughter and i each bought the other a one year pass for christmas, unbeknownst to the other. i love the attitude and approach of the comedienne you posted here, i hope you go see her live and report back! happy st pats mark and karen!


    • Yes, I’ve found that most comics know how to poke fun at themselves and the plight of the traveling stand-up show, Beth. Did you and your daughter use your presents that year to go to a lot of shows together, I hope? Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Ann Arbor spring-breaker!


      • oh, absolutely. we loved to go together and dragged many a family member and friend along with us. one of my close friends cannot bring herself to go, as she cringes through the whole act, feeling bad if no one laughs. i can understand that, and give them all the credit in the world for putting themselves out there, no matter the response.


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