A screen gems production

Happy late winter bird, outside our front window.

Sitting bird, outside our front window.

With the sun shining, I can’t walk through the kitchen without taking a peek out the window.

And what should I spy but a bird on a wire.

Are you a late winter bird?

Are you an early spring bird?

Let’s take your picture, satisfied sitting against the blue sky.

Through the screen I shoot with my iPhone 4.

And the result reminds me of the name of a certain movie-making company.

28 thoughts on “A screen gems production

  1. Wow! Things are looking up around here too. Sun shining, weather getting warmer, and tomorrow this little angel is fleeing the nest for a shopping trip. Been saying that all week, but then having to wait for someone to come in for P.T., pick up papers for new chair, nurse visit, doctor visit. Now I will wait for no one. If the sun comes out, Angie goes out to shop. If the sun doesn’t come out, Angie will scream and kick something. Not very angelic, is it?


  2. Blue sky? I almost didn’t recognize your neighborhood. So glad you’re getting a break from the usual snow apocalypse…or rather snocalypse? Alright, that’s enough. I better fetch some coffee before I create my own dialect in your comment box. Pardon my ramblings.


      • A great way to start the day! With a zeppelin song on the brain. Thanks Mark and enjoy that blue backdrop! And just so you know that big bright ball up there is called the sun!


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