What I would look like if I hosted a Food Network show

No, I am not related to Guy Fieri.

No, I am not related to Guy Fieri.

I met up with two of my best buddies to enjoy the annual Syracuse Golf Show yesterday.

We wandered the aisles and dreamed of green fairways, green rough, green greens, white golf balls, no snow.

I’ll write more about the show Wednesday for my weekly community blog post for the Syracuse Public Media site. And, sure enough, I will post a teaser the same morning here, too.

But I had to serve up this selfie today.

We split up at one point, wandering to the beat of our own five irons.

I spotted a table with a display of visors that did not look very golf-like at all. Camouflage pattern. Fake white, spiky hair on top.

I had to put it on.

I had to take my selfie.

What do you think? Guy Fieri’s older brother?

If you need to buy one, Central New Yorkers, the golf show runs again today at SRC Arena on the campus of Onondaga Community College.

By the way, back when Tim Allen’s sitcom “Home Improvement” was big, I used to hear that I looked like his sidekick Al Borland all the time. And I had to agree. I did look like actor Richard Karn. One time I was walking in the mall wearing a plaid shirt and a little kid ran up to me shouting “Al!” I smiled and gave him a quick salute.

Which celebrities do people tell you that you look like? Which celebrity do you think you most look like?

Feel free to post your own celebrity selfie and link to your post in the comment section here.

60 thoughts on “What I would look like if I hosted a Food Network show

  1. Try out for the next “Next Food Channel Star”, win your own show, and we can all watch you. But you will have to wear the hat. I watch Guy reluctantly, because I hate his voice, so maybe you can replace him. Just think about all those meals on Triple D, going into the kitchens and eating everything in sight. Thinking about spiking my hair, but it isn’t white. Darn genetics.


  2. I think we’ve watched every episode of Triple D known to man bc we like late night food porn, so I am quite familiar w/ Guy’s ‘do/don’t. You look better than he does in this pic bc you don’t have the very dark goatee. Guy’s look is unforgivable. For one, a mature man (read: over 25) should not be full-on bleaching his hair, and no man save Corey Hart should be spiking it. I would pay Fieri to grow his real hair out and style it like a normal human being JUST ONCE. He would look SOOOO much better and not like a puffy blowfish desperately trying to retain some hipster cred.


  3. P.S. I have been compared to Sallie Fields (as I have gotten older) and Marlo Thomas, along with Mary Steenbergen who I would choose to play me, if she wanted to do this for me. I love her wacky part as Steve Martin’s wife in a movie where she does something inappropriate and he almost runs off the road! A policeman pulls him over for driving erratically. I cannot remember the name of the movie, though! Smiles,Robin


    • I like all of your lookalikes a lot, Robin. Mary Steenbergen is a wonderful actress. I like the movie you are talking about, but can’t think of the name of it off the top of my head, either. It was in LA and the road signs were talking to Steve … ?


  4. This was so funny that I chuckled, someone next to me in the library glanced over and I said, that isn’t Guy and he was impressed. You have the ‘look’ and you would be great at tasting things, I am sure. I am glad to know another ‘look alike” person. It is always fun to use this to your advantage by just not straightening anyone on the fact… I am sure you are too honest to do this, though! Smiles, Robin


  5. Looking better than Guy! Mark, even your hair is getting snowy. This winter is getting out of hand. I had a pixie cut in the 90s and was told a couple times that I looked like Natalie Merchant. LOL!


  6. Mark-
    What can I say? I think you are ADORABLE!
    I like that you’re not smiling. It’s a little “smoldering for the camera” ish. I dig it!
    I’ve been told over the years that I look like a variety of people. None of them are particularly flattering, so I won’t share…


      • Look on my about page! I’m drinking coffee!

        Also, I snuck some shots in of me on some posts. You weren’t following me then, but I posted about my pregnancy- and the post image was me (sshhhh)

        And that was ME in those boots in another post.

        But yes, I’m blogging anonymously. So how can I do that and put my face everywhere???

        Besides, I’m nowhere near as cute as you!!


      • On your About page, Samara, I see the beginnings of a beautiful woman behind that coffee cup. Not enough exposure for me to pick a lookalike, though. With boots and baby are my goals to find on your site … Then I just may designate you a lookalike.


      • Mark, you’re always so complimentary! It’s charming! Your dear wife Karen is a lucky woman.

        Okay, because we’re hidden in your comment section-
        I did a maternity photo shoot when I was preggers, so look on that post.

        And the boots pic is in the slut/whore/blogger/mom post, which sounds dirty, but is about our first amendment right to use words as we please.

        (As if you have NOTHING better to do than hunt down my pics hahaha)

        Enjoy the Oscars tonight.


      • Well, now, Samara, thank you for pointing me toward the boots shot and the maternity photo, each striking and attractive in their own way, certainly. I would even call them art. But I still don’t have a lookalike for you!

        And, yes, you enjoy the Oscars tonight, too.


  7. Love this post, Mark. You look like … you, with a hat. Much better than Guy Fieri. This reminds me of a question I’ve loved asking people over the years: “If they were going to make a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you?” In the past, I’ve answered Debra Winger, because somebody told me, a long time ago, she reminded him of me. Other people I’ve heard I’ve looked like, over the years: Marlo Thomas, Natalie Wood (I don’t THINK so), Lily Tomlin (really?), Eleanor Bron (from “Help!), and several more. These days, I’ve heard this a couple of times and I’m thrilled with the comparison: Tina Fey. So, in answer to my own question … I would choose Tina Fey to play me, in the movie about my life.


    • And I think Tina would be thrilled to play the life and times of Ann Koplow. All of the nominations over the years should please you, Ann, from Natalie to Lily and yes, the complicated Debra Winger. Thank you for the compliment regarding Mr. Fieri, too. I would choose Richard Karn over Guy to play me in the movie “Bialczak Gone Blogger.”


  8. Loved the anecdote about The Bayou. I definitely can’t wait to check it out.

    You do have that appeal as a Food Network host, and I can see you in that same atmosphere, being in the outdoors. You wearing a flannel to pull off an Al lookalike makes sense. As for Guy, maybe. I did think, “Wow, Mark looks like Guy,” before clicking on the post to read.

    I’ve gotten a Colin Farrell once or twice, but I’m trying to think of the actors name given to me a couple weeks ago. Once I remember, I’ll get back to you.

    Hope your weekend is going well, Mark!


  9. this is great! and you really do like a lot like him. i can’t wait to read your diner reviews ) ii’ve been told that i look like barbra streisand by many people, strangers included, for years. i wish i had her voice!


    • That’s a great one, Beth! Has anybody ever seen Beth and Babs in the same room? From the one head shot you allow us to see ;-( your nose is a bit different than dame Streisand’s. I can see the likeness, though. Yes!


      • you’ll certainly have a chance to see more, in my posts, and not in vegas. and we’ve never been in the same room at the same time. maybe i can post about it. yes, she does have a more prominent nose, i think it’s our eyes and we’ve always had the same hair going through the various eras.


      • thank you. we’ve certainly gone through our good and bad hair phases together. and then – you hear me karaoke and it is all over. )


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