With Ethan Harris eliminated, ‘American Idol’ goes on without upstate New York singers

Ethan Harris with the judges during is successful "American Idol" season 13 audition.

Ethan Harris with the judges during is successful “American Idol” season 13 audition. (From YouTube)

Talk about a rush.

“American Idol” fans have punched the phones and clicked the devices the last two days, and it is decided. After tonight’s FOX broadcast, season 13 will have gone from 30 hopeful singers to 10. Then judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez get to add their three favorites from a disappointed other 10.

And all this without Central New Yorkers getting the chance to see the last regional hope. Nope, Ethan Harris was not shown performing in the boys’ portion of the week Wednesday night.

The 20-year-old from Garrattsville, N.Y., was told he would not be singing live. That news sank in slowly, one-by-one, as the judges picked the 10 contestants they deemed best after watching tho entire 15 in dress rehearsals.

That’s the way the new format had gone with the girls on Tuesday night, too.

The odd seasons for show fans around Syracuse continued. Three Central New York singers were given their golden tickets to Hollywood during the audition rounds. That’s a lot from 221 hopefuls.

In different rounds, each was eliminated. Kari Crimmins of Utica first, then Kaitlyn Jackson of Norwich. Jackson fans — and they were many after she sang her original song “Another Angel,” written for his grandpa, and was rewarded with a hefty clip before the judges have her that coveted piece of paper — had to get the news from her Facebook journey page as she advanced past group night and solo night without her singing being included on the show.

Now, Harris, the young man who presented his guitar to Urban to sign the country star’s photo taped to the back and then sang an Urban song to earn his Hollywood stripes, is gone, too. His face said much when that last name to sing was called Wednesday night and it wasn’t his. And when they lined the unlucky five up to say goodbye, Harris looked sad, sad, sad.

Start smiling, son. You did well. The nation may know your name now. There are more songs in your future.

Good news comes from his Facebook page, and his upbeat thank you posted early Thursday morning that included these words: “This is not the end, but the beginning of a fun and exciting future.”

As for me, I’ve yet to come up with many other favorites this season, even with the new Rush Week to close with the final 13 tonight.

Maybe I’d been holding my breath waiting for the upstate New York contingent to be shown.

Maybe, just maybe, I kind of like the voice of Jessica Meuse, the multi-color-haired woman who had to escape the wrath of an angry mom during group round and then was forced to go one-on-one after the solo round. I was surprised when she went country with Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer” Tuesday night, but I kind of liked it.

Perhaps I like Ben Briley after his gritty performance of the Allman Brothers Band’s “Soulshine” on Wednesday night. Then again, I’ve always been drawn to that song, from the ABB and Warren Haynes and his band, both.

It’s time for them all to sing on TV every round. Unless the producers have another twist up their sleeves, that is.

We shall see.

7 thoughts on “With Ethan Harris eliminated, ‘American Idol’ goes on without upstate New York singers

  1. aw sorry mark, that is rough. i always feel for them when they get so close. and they have real talent. i always hope that the show leads them to something more, and helps them in their career. there were 4 michiganders in there – did any make it? maurice townsend, malaya watson, jena asciutto, and sam woolf.


  2. I liked Ethan, wish they would have shown more of the five girls and five boys they let go, leaving only ten of each to vote for. I like Majesty and I like Sam Woolf. I also like a variety of others, still learning their names. Which ones do you like of the ones left, Mark? Smiles, Robin


    • I named my favorite woman and guy in the story. They sang ‘Drink a Beer’ and ‘Soulshine’ this week. I am getting old. I can remember the songs before the names at this point of the season, Robin.


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