Oh. My. God. Drew and Adam will be back on the screen together

Barrymore and Sandler. Everybody scream in glee. (From 'Blended' trailer)

Barrymore and Sandler. Everybody scream. (From ‘Blended’ trailer)

This happy film blogging gig I have for the Syracuse New Times puts me in front of a lot of movie trailers.

If it’s coming on the silver screen, I’ve seen the preview. And seen it. And seen it one more time for good measure.

Sunday, I saw one for the first time. “Blended” will open in May.

I murmured out loud immediately, breaking my cardinal rule of “shush your mouth, I’m trying to watch this.”

My dear wife Karen glanced over. She knew the reason behind the escape of my holycrap.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler will be co-starring in “Blended.” They’ll have a bad first date. They’ll dislike each other, strongly. They’ll somehow end up together with their kids on an African safari.

I can’t wait.

You see, kids, the magic of Barrymore and Sandler together first blossomed in the 1998 film “The Wedding Singer.”

He was such a nerd. She was such a sweetie. They just had to overcome the odds and miscommunication, thanks to perseverance and a good plot.

These twentysomethings had to find some sense in life. Sandler’s Robbie must convince Barrymore’s Julia not to marry that swaggering schmuck whose last name is Guglia.

It’s one of my favorite comedies. Ever.

Their chemistry grew in 2004’s “50 First Dates.” He was kind of a nerd who had a cool job at the aquarium. She was a sweetie living with amnesia from a brain injury. They just had to overcome the odds and illness, thanks to perseverance and a good plot.

These thirtysomethings just learned to truly take life one day at a time.

It’s also one of my favorite comedies. Ever.

I’m hoping that in “Blended,” these fortysomethings will have perseverance and a good plot on their side.

Expect me to preview this one the week it gets released. And review it afterward.

14 thoughts on “Oh. My. God. Drew and Adam will be back on the screen together

  1. oh, this is great news. like you, i love the two of them together. i did the pr and promo for wedding singer in detroit market, we held a full double wedding in the theater at a screening, along with all sorts of other crazy events. it was wild. i loved that movie too.


  2. Hopefully, they go three for three! The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates are such great movies, which definitely stick out in both actor’s resumes. Both served as poignant films woven in with Sandler’s goofy movies, which throws us fans for a loop. Sure, he played a nerd in TWS, and a redeemed borderline womanizer in 50, but there is a great reality/tangibility with both of his characters since many of us–in reality–have those wavering personal qualities.

    Most importantly, both movies have served well at hitting all the movie goers: young and old, new fans and old fans, and those who want a Sandler movie and those who want a romantic comedy. For the new, younger fans, they’ll get to begin to understand the consistency of the Sandler/Barrymore films that we’ve enjoyed over the years. Barrymore is fantastic, and Sandler is more versatile than people think.

    I can’t wait to see this, and I hope their on-screen teamwork continues for future years.


  3. I loved “The Wedding Singer” and not just because of Billy Idol. I never saw “50 First Dates” though. I hope this one meets your expectations!


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