The day after Christmas, no letdown allowed

No day-after-Christmas depression here.

I won’t let it happen. Yes, it’s quite natural to feel some of the air gone out of the sails when the big holiday is gone. But this year’s two-day celebration was so very good.

Elisabeth and boyfriend George shared their Christmas Eve with us. Everybody loved the full array of appetizers — shrimp! — and spiral ham main course put together by Karen.

After a futile attempt to meet my daughter’s suggestion that we put a favorite, “Elf,” on the flatscreen — Will Ferrell and his astonished Christmas colleagues do not reside on Netfilix or any of our On Demand movie channels — I made an executive decision to roll with “The Sound of Music,” which had sat waiting on our DVR the last couple weeks. Karen and I were suitably amused. We discussed the wonder of Carrie Underwood’s braids. Elisabeth allowed how it was better this time around because we could fast forward through the commercials. After the conclusion, the kids admitted that this was the third time they’ve watched it. That George is a terrific sport.

On Christmas afternoon, Karen and I practiced what I preached on my movie blog. We went to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” The theater was indeed packed, but we did find two seats together on the first row of the upper level of the stadium seating. That alone made me feel fortunate. While in line, Karen pointed out to me how “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Saving Mr. Banks” were flashing “sold out” for the next showing on the big board behind the pair of ticket sellers.

Daryl came over for Christmas dinner. The appetizers and dinner were just as tasty.

Soon after the new year, Daryl is expected to close on his first house. Karen had a ball shopping for his Christmas list, and he appeared to thoroughly enjoy digging through the mountain of household goods she knew he’d need for day-to-day success. I pitched in with a Lowe’s card that should fulfill outdoor needs. It’s a great house, and we all enjoyed checking off what can be done once Daryl moves in.

Dessert-wise, the cheesecake lasted both nights, and was quite good, I am told.

Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, made goo-goo eyes throughout both evenings. She loves the grown kids.

Everybody appreciated all their gifts. There was immediate gratification. I put on my long-sleeved Maryland Terps shirt and Karen donned her reindeer socks soon after we opened them. Other presents will continue to make all of us happy for a long time to come.

Yes, we had two excellent days in Syracuse, N.Y.

Bring on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Eve visitors, George and Elisabeth.

Christmas Eve visitors, George and Elisabeth.

Christmas night, and Ellie B is glad to get cozy with Daryl.

Christmas night, and Ellie B is glad to get cozy with Daryl.

Smart gifts from Elisabeth: Dunkin' Donuts for Mark and Starbucks for Karen.

Smart gifts from Elisabeth: Dunkin’ Donuts for Mark and Starbucks for Karen.

Do you go through a post-holiday letdown?

18 thoughts on “The day after Christmas, no letdown allowed

  1. I’m happy to see that your Christmas went so well and there were no post-holiday blues! Once I got through the initial “what! why!” of Christmas it was all cheer through the end, with no letdown, thank goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t seen the new Sound of Music… I don’t have TV so I’m not sure if I ever will but the original is one of my absolute favorite movies. I wouldn’t mind marveling at Carrie Underwood’s braids though…


    • Maybe you can get the Carrie-braids version on Hulu on your laptop, Aussa. Definitely a good holiday view. New Year’s Day? I’m glad you avoided the post-holiday letdown, too. That family party you wrote about was quite the thing. By the way, I liked your answers and the T. Swift photo over on the other blog. In my past life as music critic, I was given front-row seats to see Taylor open for Rascal Flatts while she was still a teen. Yeah, I dug it, just like you grudingly admit. I saw J.Bieber, too, from way back in the grandstand. And that ringing in my ears may be from the little girls screaming in adoration.


      • Haha! How interesting! I love that you’re willing to admit that you’ve been taken in by the magic that is T. Swift. Sure, she may use voodoo or crowd manipulation tactics but they’re so fun! Working as a music critic sounds like a really interesting career! Sans the Bieber-inspired ringing in your ears, of course.


      • It surely was a rush, in so many ways. I’ve seen the legends. B.B. King. Stevie Wonder. U2. Springsteen. You couldn’t help but get pumped up by the performances. And then I had a half-hour to write the reviews to beat the deadline. Adrenaline and concentration, Aussa. Yeah, I kind of miss that part of it.


  2. Christmas day was the usual bust for me, but today celebrated with my kids and half the grands. My gifts weren’t all finished, or even close to finished, and some are still here in the apartment because I couldn’t dig them out, but they all seemed to appreciate what they got. Totally forgot about the summer sausage I made and put in the freezer for them, but I guess I’ll get it to the boys eventually. Daughter and her family are mostly vegetarians, except for a couple of the boys who have sense enough to eat meat. Not sure where I went wrong with her. And today I turned 39 again. Don’t know why I look older, but it must be a defect in my mirror.


  3. No post holiday let down here. The first thing I saw was your review of Walter Mitty. I’m stoked! I’m a movie freak, so that kind of thing gets me going!
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Love the pics of your family!

    Aarrrggghh! My 10-year-old just came out of the bathroom while wiping his ass – I told him to GET BACK IN THE BATHROOM! He said he was lonely….gotta go…


  4. No post-holiday letdown here, Mark! (I’m still wearing my Major Award leg-lamp shirt given to me by oldest son Dan. He has good taste.) It’s been a great 2013, and I’m looking forward to an even better 2014. Jim


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