Imagine yourself at a movie, Walter Mitty fans



Fast forward 24 hours. Christmas morning was amazing.

You got everything you wanted, and some things you needed.

Breakfast was delicious.

Church, check, if that’s on your list. Or maybe you celebrate other holidays this time of the year. Perhaps none at all.

What, no football on TV! Just the NBA!!

Hollywood has made sure there are gifts for everybody.

Six films open in Syracuse (and most places) on Christmas Day.

You can dream with Walter Mitty or imagine riches connived on Wall Street or fathom sixtysomethings in the boxing ring. Relive Mandela’s early walk in life. Marvel at a Japanese samurai legend. Check out Justin Bieber’s rise, foibles included.

Big movie weekend, indeed.

If you’d like to read my entire preview for the Syracuse New Times, click the link below.

10 thoughts on “Imagine yourself at a movie, Walter Mitty fans

  1. I don’t often get out to see movies, but I see them more than I’ll watch the NBA, that’s for certain. Last film I saw in the theater was Saving Private Ryan, if that’s any frame of reference for you. Lol. Oh, no, that’s not true, I took my daughter to see the Crood’s this year!


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