It takes a special cup to deliver my morning coffee

A huge coffee cup meets morning needs.

I found it. A coffee cup that challenges the size of my noggin’. Which is the bigger mug, you might ask.

The break-up came while I was standing at the kitchen sink, hands submerged in hot, soapy water.

It was totally unexpected. I could not believe what I heard.

I’d thought our relationship was perfect these last few years. First thing every morning, she made me smile. She smelled fantastic. She felt great in my hands.

It was to be no more. I’d have to start my days with a new amor.

The handle had broken off my favorite ceramic coffee cup. I thought she was perfect. Big enough to allow me enough java for my daily sit down to write this blog. Heavy enough to offer continued warmth and comfort. Plain and simple, tall and beige, handle big enough to enclose my stubby fingers.

Gone in a sickening crack. Split in two.

Now our matching husband-and-wife pair of coffee mugs was down to one. Whoever got up first had first shot at the remaining beauty. Or, you could be gallant and leave it for your spouse. Either way, we owned no other cup that matched all of those treasurable traits.

We found our replacements last night, perusing stores at Destiny USA following my dear wife Karen’s delicious and joyous birthday dinner at Cantina Laredo.

It took a lot of looking. Too many too squat, too small, too thin, too light, too ugly.

Then I met the behemoth above. It’s almost as big as my head, and it checks all of the boxes of my old favorite save one. But I decided I can live with the happy little heart and the saying below it: live laugh coffee. Definitely an agreeable motto, those three little words. And, this Gigantor adds one more skill to its resume. Its volume is so welcoming that I can fill it to two-thirds, pour in my splash of Half and Half and never, ever spill a drop of my precious morning coffee on the way to my recliner again.

Karen went with a much slimmer, shorter model, purple with the motto Follow Your Heart. She loves him.

Good morning!

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