This ‘Come on Down’ moment features a wild surf through the crowd’s hands

Premal Shah rides the emotion of the moment on 'The Price Is Right.' (From YouTube.'

Premal Shah rides the emotion of the moment on ‘The Price Is Right.’ (From YouTube.)

Here’s a big, new entry into my you-know-you’re-getting-old file.

Yes, it tops the fact that last time through the Mickey D’s drive-in during breakfast hours, I ordered oatmeal.

A morning news show just broadcast a YouTube clip from venerable game show “The Price Is Right” that’s gaining much traction.

It was so shocking that I had to go look it up for myself. The big CBS moment starts with host Drew Carey calling a contestant by the name of Premal on down to bidding row.

And the purple-shirted Premal gets hoisted up by fellow audience members and crowd-surfs his way to the front of the theater.

Yup. Crowd-surfing has made it to the decidedly middle-of-the-road weekday game show.

Now, in the first decade of this century, my dear wife Karen and I made it into the LA theater to witness a taping of “The Price Is Right” live and in person. True enough, decidedly hipper Carey had yet to replace oldie-but-goodie Bob Barker as host, but still … it did not look like a concert moment was ready to break out when the cameras rolled.

What next? A mosh pit on the way up to contestants’ row?

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