Update: That empty lot is now rather sporty

In Eastwood, a green has been mown.

In Eastwood, a green has been mown.

A couple months back, I grumped loudly here about the folks who decided to use the empty lot between my house and the neighbor’s house as a dog-walking spot.

You, friends, offered remedies such as motion-enabled sprinklers and stink bombs. OK, nobody thought of smell as a deterrent. It wasn’t my property, so I did nothing except write my blog post.

In any case, the man who owns the Eastwood lot has come up with his own use for the spot.

My next-door neighbor owns Mann’s Golf on Burnet Avenue. Tom Mann is a nice guy. Does good work. He’s re-gripped my clubs for me, and I’m very happy with the results.

So I suppose the pin and red flag were easy to come by. Mr. Mann mowed close a nice-sized circle on the plot. He stuck the pin into a hole. (Update: I talked to Tom while walking Ellie B, and he said he found a bamboo garden stake and sprayed it white and topped it with a red rag. That makes the tale even better, no?)

Sure looks like a golf green, doesn’t it?

Please keep your dogs off the Eastwood one-hole course.

4 thoughts on “Update: That empty lot is now rather sporty

    • Hahahahaha! Quit after 7 last night. I was in five bunkers out of 7 holes. Dug myself a deep one with my sand wedge, so to speak. Kingpin and I will think of you while playing Timber Banks …


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