Smile. Wear orange. Enjoy the extra zip in your step when Syracuse makes the Final Four

In Central New York, the Orange Nation's figurative flag is carried proudly across chests in the form of a T-shirt.

In Central New York, the Orange Nation’s figurative flag is carried proudly across chests in the form of a T-shirt.

Take a good look at today’s date.

Fourth day of the fourth month.

It’s 4/4. In Syracuse, all minds immediately take out the slash to make it 44. That’s the big dog, the highest pinnacle, the most revered Orange number of all, starting on the football field and moving on to the basketball court. On the gridiron, noble bearers of 44 included the holy trinity of running backs, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little. Big man Derrick Coleman and upstate favorite John Wallace, both Final Four veterans, wore it on the hardwood.

Hey, the prefix of all phone numbers at Syracuse University is 443, and indeed, that has everything to do with the magic of 44.

This is the week to think of such things. On Saturday, you see, the Orange makes its fourth trip to the Final Four during coach Jim Boeheim’s reign. Yes, this is the fourth time at the Final Four. So far, Syracuse has won all three semifinal games. Saturday they will take on Michigan in an attempt to make it … yup, four for four.

Just saying.

Anyway, have you noticed more people than usual smiling as you’ve made your travels around Central New York?

Using past performance as a pretty good indicator, soon they will be taping the feels-like-team-spirit poster from today’s Final Four section in The Post-Standard to windows all over the Syracuse area.

Saturday, they will be wearing orange and blue to gather at favorite flat screen spots to collectively cheer the team on in Atlanta.

This Final Four frenzy happens around here once a decade. Enjoy.

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