Who needs Valet Parking at a mall? Give me back all of my favorite lot

Lot peace with the city, and here's what happens.

Lot peace with the city, and here’s what happens.

I’ve been on board with Destiny USA since the first time I walked around the new wing. And I’ve praised the mega-mall in this spot to prove it. Bellyachers and Congel-haters abound in Syracuse, for sure. Me, I think it’s way better to have Destiny USA than to not have Destiny USA.

Then came my visit yesterday to get my daily exercise (and indulge in an extra-large Dunkin’ Donuts blueberry coffee, cream only, and bring home some Popeye’s popcorn shrimp for Dogamous Pyle, aka Ellie B, and I to share for lunch).

I pulled into my new favorite spot, on the far side of the bridge that spans Hiawatha Boulevard. Not once since I adopted this lot have I had to slowly cruise for a spot. Pull in, drive down the land. Park. Easy.

Then I spied the sign above.

Valet Parking for five bucks. A guy stood at an outdoor podium waiting for takers. The closest-to-the-bridge rows were fenced off.

Grumpus Bialczakus emerged.


Valet parking at a mall. Best spots at MY LOT no longer available. I am not happy about this development, pun intended. Soon enough, I’m certain, this lot will be full, and I’ll have to go to a further-away satellite lot to avoid traffic hassle.

This, so soon after I read about a deal in the bickering between Destiny USA owners and city officials about ownership and control of these very same across-boulevard lots.

Why, oh, why? Woe is me. …


Venting is good.

Grumpus will turn to another subject soon enough.

One thought on “Who needs Valet Parking at a mall? Give me back all of my favorite lot

  1. You did say you were going to get your daily exercise. Why the Grumpus? So you have to walk a little to get to the mall. That is why you went. Exercise and of course the Dunkin stop. Get a laugh from the soft underbelly crowd who can’t even walk to shop. Enjoy the day.


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